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Dear Readers:

Happy end of the week and welcome to Friday Feedback, our weekly sheepish peek into the toilet bowl of this blog to make certain its color and consistency denotes good health.


I received this question yesterday after a new fan from Chicago named Karen found my work on Venus Williams’ website which you can read here: Turn Resolutions into a Positive!

“Robin, your message about being positive instead of negative when trying to lose weight really spoke to me. I spend so much time thinking negative thoughts about my weight and hating myself it’s no wonder I can’t seem to lose it. I’m starting again with a more positive attitude but finding time to exercise is really hard for me. Should I just cut out 1,000 calories a day and lose weight that way instead of trying to work out all the time?”

Karen, thanks for the feedback.  I’m so happy to hear that my writing inspired you!

As for your question, I suppose you could do that but exercise does much more for the body than just promote weight loss. Cardiovascular health is very important so I’m going to push back on you a little bit and challenge your assertion that you can’t find time to exercise.

Exercise can take all sorts of forms and one of my favorite things to do when I am pressed for time is to combine other chores with working out. For example, today I have to finish this blog, work on my book, clean my house and make dinner (Cooks’ Illustrated Chicken Enchiladas, in case you were wondering).

How can I find time for that hour of cardio and strength training I try to do at least 6 days per week? Easy peasy! I’m going to put the stereo on 11 and while I cook and clean, I’m going to dance like a crazy woman while vacuuming and dusting and scrubbing the potties.

I’m going to do 4 sets of 25 pushups in the kitchen while cooking. I’m going to do cardio and abs at the same time while doing my best Shakira impression.



Almost everyone can find time to exercise. See if you can try the kill-two-fat-birds-with-one-stone approach as I do and combine your workout with another task you must accomplish.

Start with a small goal: in the next 7 days, commit to 30 minutes of exercise 4 of those 7 days. Please write me back and let me know what happens!

Next came this from Patty in Lake Oswego:

“Robin, love the blog!  When are you going to be on the radio???  I read the letter from the woman whose ex-husband was a jerk and I had to write you because I have the same situation with my ex.  I have tried for years to make it better and finally gave up like you told her to and now I just don’t worry about it anymore.  Great advice!!”

Thanks, Patty!  My team is working on the radio gig but the big push won’t happen until my new website launches.  That’s going to happen any day now and it is looking really fabulous; I can’t wait for you all to see it!

It makes me sad that so many people out there have a similar situation to our advice-seeker in Unreasonable Ex-husband but sometimes you just need to walk away from a wall once you’ve banged your head on it long enough, and this goes for all sorts of relationships, not just ex-romantic partners.

My book has an entire chapter dedicated to people who cannot move past their divorce and I am currently interviewing men and women who either are this way or have an ex who is.  Readers, please email me at with your stories if you’d like to be in the book (anonymously, of course).


I am also writing a chapter – and it’s going to be a long one – about DICKs (Divorce Industrial Complex Kingpins): the divorce lawyers who purposefully drag out litigation and fan the flames of discontent between the parties so as to purchase Bentleys, beach homes, and tickets to the National College Football Championship game.

While I have quite a few good anecdotes already, most of them are Portland-based and involve one lawyer in particular.  I’d like to hear more from all over the country, so please email me your stories.  What’s interesting is how often those two things go together (inability to move past divorce and shitty lawyers); it’s no coincidence.

Time to go cook, clean and dance.  Have a wonderful weekend and stay tuned for a heartbreaking story on Monday about a father who refuses to attend his gay son’s wedding.  I’ve got some choice words brewing for him.


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