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Dear Readers:

Welcome to Friday Feedback, our weekly huffing of the commentary glue that keeps this blog writer high while killing YOUR brain cells.  Neat trick, no?

This week my blog had a massive uptick in traffic thanks to the lovely Ms. Venus Williams, who judged my work and found it worthy of publication on her new website.  If you have not read and commented on this article yet, please do.

It would be incredibly helpful and will endear you to me, something that will prove beneficial for you when I make my first big radio and book deal and it’s time to write the invite list for the party in Hawaii.  Click here: Turn Resolutions into a Positive!

Because of all the new traffic, I’ve garnered new readers who have gone back in the archives and read some of my old work, including this fun piece from a woman whose husband wanted to hire his lame-ass college buddy as their real estate agent.

Click and refresh your recollection!  My Husband Wants to Hire his Friend as our Realtor.

New reader Sam sent me the following commentary:

“Robin, I found you on Venus Williams’ website and love you! I laughed out loud when I read the blog about the guy who wanted to hire his friend as the agent to sell his home.  I did exactly the same thing for a girlfriend who was an agent for about 6 years but never seemed to have any listings or clients.  Guess what?  It was a disaster.  I wish I had seen this before I gave her the listing!  Keep up the good work!”

Sam, thank you for your comments.  I love you too!  It may interest you to know that your letter prompted me to contact “Sally” today for a follow-up.  Sally told me she capitulated and they gave the listing to her husband’s friend.

That was in May of 2014 in Portland in a hot neighborhood and even hotter market that is still sizzling.  Guess what?


They just sold their home last week.

No, the playboy realtor did not sell it for them; they finally fired him after months of missed appointments, unreturned calls, complaining about having to do open houses, and highly questionable advice about pricing and updates.

Smarter this time around, they did their homework and hired someone with extensive experience and a proven track record.  When they re-listed the property with her it sold within 2 weeks.  They framed my advice to them and it hangs in their new home, by the way.

Anyone looking to hire a real estate agent should ask for a detailed list of transaction history as part of due diligence.  If they won’t provide it hire someone who will. Selling or buying a home is a massive undertaking that should not be left to those who dabble as a dalliance in defiance of hard work.

The same holds true for any other profession.  I’m not going to a dentist who has only had 8 patients in the past year and when I finally get arrested for hate crimes against divorce lawyers, my counsel will have a proven track record, especially in the area of successfully employing the insanity defense.

Speaking of insane…I received this in response to Stealing in the Name of Charity.

“Robin, your advice sucks balls.  Who cares?  Why would you tell her to narc on her friend?  Jesus Christ, she gave this shit away and now she’s whining about it?  Like the courts have time for this petty bullshit.  Were you a volunteer hall monitor in grade school?  Don’t quit your day job, you twat.”


Apparently this reader thinks that a woman who steals by gathering donations for “veterans and their families” and selling those donations for personal profit on eBay should not be held accountable for her actions.

While I disagree with his perspective, I appreciate that he took time to write me during his smoke break at the half-way house for parolees where he lives until his next arrest for armed robbery and molesting collies.

Those who do really shitty things, especially over and over again, should be held accountable for their actions.

For example, this Grade A illustration of a VIP (Very Inconsiderate Person):


This is not a great photo, but what you see here is a mommy finishing up diapering her poopy baby on a restaurant table.

She neither put anything down between her child’s fecal-ridden ass cheeks and the table nor alerted the staff to clean it after she completed one of the dirtier duties (pun intended) associated with being Mother of the Year.

My look and comments indicated my dismay and she was not happy with me.  Still, I’m glad I said something.  Maybe next time she will think twice before upping some poor bastard’s chance at contracting acute gastroenteritis.

Have you had it?  Not cute.  Not cute at all.

And now I must be off.  Don’t forget to send your questions to  Tune in Monday when we give yesterday’s letter writer the second half of our advice.  Did you miss yesterday?  Click here: I Made a Big Mistake.

Happy Friday and have a great weekend!



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  1. YouCanLeadAHorticulture

    Congratulations on being featured on Venus Williams’ website! Good for you for voicing your concern about the woman changing her baby’s diaper on a restaurant table, that is nasty! I don’t think as a man I would be comfortable confronting a woman about something relating to mothering. Really in the interest of public health, and considering what a bad flu season we are having this year, someone has to point out how germy and disgusting that is. Can’t wait to hear about Thursday’s letter writer’s problem, she has created a thorny problem for herself to say the least. Talk about losing your moral high ground!

  2. mikedescamp

    I just read the comment from the person who took you to task for turning in the thief (re: Stealing in the Name of Charity).
    I came away with two observations:
    One, the writer is severely impaired in the ethics department.
    Two, the writer is an inarticulate swine.
    Keep up the great work!!
    Uncle Mike

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