Even God Rests One Day a Week

Dear loyal fans, minions and hate-readers:

I’m sorry to report that I will be taking the day off today. I have several urgent things that require my attention, including exercise, a haircut and preparing my first Peruvian roasted chicken to enjoy with friends as we watch the Ducks annihilate UCLA.

I am running low on questions, so PLEASE take a few moments to email me with your dilemma. If I can’t actually help you, at least I’ll make you chortle or guffaw. If you wish to remain anonymous, take two minutes to create a yahoo or gmail account that does not use your real name.


“You’ve got a problem!  I’ve got an answer!”

As always, I can’t stress enough how much it means to me when you share my blog with others. Please post on your Facebook and Twitter if you do that sort of thing, or via email if you don’t. When I am rich, famous and successful I will reward those who supported me in the early days by attending your dinner parties and signing autographs for your friends. Really, it’s the least I could do.

One more favor: I am torn between three subjects for tomorrow’s rant.  Please vote on which subject you’d most like to see and I’ll go with the most popular.

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Happy Saturday, everyone! Send me your questions, share the blog and GO DUCKS!


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  1. A Loyal Fan

    Hello Robin, my son goes to UCLA – can I come to your party and route for his team!

    1. A Loyal Fan

      Ooooops – “root” not “route”

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