Emergency Notice re: Blog and Shameless Begging


Dear Readers:

The blog will be up late today.  I’ve got an important project to finish with a very hard deadline so I need to focus on that today.  It is possible I may not be able to finish today’s blog, which pertains to homeschooling, until tomorrow.  If you’d like to read an old blog, please click for one of my most popular blogs of all time, about threesome etiquette and what to do with an old wedding ring: Threesome!

For my tardiness/possible absence today, I apologize deeply.  I know you have all come to rely on me for your daily dose of snarky profanity.  I promise I’ll be back as soon as possible.


Here’s where the shameless begging comes in:

If you are receiving this via email, you have taken the time to officially “follow” the blog by entering your email address on the site.  Thank you so much for doing so!  Now a favor: please share with your friends and ask them to sign up as well.

For those of you who have yet to sign up for the blog via email (heartless fuckers!), I am pleading with you to do that today, and as mentioned above, please share with your friends and encourage them to subscribe.


I’ve reached a bit of a lull in new subscribers and in order for me to make this dream into a reality, I have to increase my readership numbers.  I don’t have the resources to advertise so this is the best I can do: begging like a tramp and humiliating myself to generate page views.


Please help.  I will reward you handsomely once I hit the big time.  This is a promise.