Concerned About My Friend’s Weight Gain

Hello and Happy Monday, my lovely readers!  I hope you all had a wonderful weekend.

It’s time to admit once and for all there is little reason to write an entirely separate column on Mondays when I am already published every Monday on Once again I urge you to click on the link below and when you get there, comment on the piece and share it with a social media sharing button.

Those of you born before 1950: please print (your grandson can show you how) and mail to your friends.



Here’s the link: Concerned About My Friend’s Weight Gain

The letter writer didn’t think her friend should start dating (post-divorce) until she lost weight.  You can imagine how I handled that – but don’t imagine, click!

While I am enjoying exposure to a large audience writing for, there are some things that drive me nuts about the site, including the incredibly rudimentary commenting system that was apparently built with paper cups, a telegraph, used condoms and some string.

The three main problems are these:

1. You can’t see comments from a mobile platform (you know, what 99% of us use all the time via smart phone or tablet);

2. You can’t comment from a mobile platform, which means you will have to jump on a laptop or desktop to leave a note about how wonderful/terrible my advice is; and

3. The site will refresh automatically and unpredictably so unless you draft your comment somewhere else (like a Word document or in Notes, for example) and then copy/paste it, you will likely lose your comment before you finish writing it and have to start over.

Please draft first and copy/paste to leave a comment, or you will end up as frustrated as I have when my deeply insightful and piercing comments have disappeared into cyberspace before I could complete them.  Genius is hard to replicate!

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This week is absolutely jammed with secret projects, income-earning opportunities and the purchase of a shotgun (did you see that, my favorite online stalker?) so please be patient if I miss a day.

Don’t forget to share the word!  Have a great week, everyone.  If you are too lazy to scroll upward here is that link again for today’s column: Concerned About My Friend’s Weight Gain.