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Please be sure to comment when I write a blog that speaks to you in some way.  I love the feedback and appreciate critique as well, so long as you don’t want me to change anything about my writing style, tone, use of photos and other art, general content or use of profanity.  Otherwise, I’ll take any advice you care to give!

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  1. John DesCamp

    Fabulous post, and no surprise that the bicycle community doesn’t approve. Two of my friends called this morning to say how much they appreciated what you said and to describe similar experiences with aggressive bike riders. Only a coward would hit someone’s car and then run off so they couldn’t be called to account.

  2. John d

    That one was a little autobiographical! Love the kittens. Really. I feel better already

  3. echinachea

    I just tried to leave a long comment re the most recent post and the login failed, so it is gone. Might try again later. Meanwhile, stay away from OregonLive. The nuttersmare getting worse by the minute. I will not return to that page–it is a bunch of sickos!

  4. Katie

    Absolutely f’ing spot-on.

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