Blog will be late today

Dear Friends and readers and haters and lurkers:

I’ve decided to take the morning off to reflect upon the past 48 hours and the ensuing pit in my stomach.  A mega-dose of exercise is needed and needed right away, and probably a good deal of puppy-snuggling and a cooking project too.  I promise I’ll be back this afternoon with the advice column, but for now, I just need to sweat for a couple hours.  I hope you all have a wonderful day.  If you are in Portland, look at the sky!  Pretty blue and with some sunshine.   

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  1. Bob

    Lurkers! Lol

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  2. Susan

    We support you infinitely … Your blog is excellent and something we all look forward to reading each time we view it!!!! Keep up the awesome work and postings… They make our day… Heck.. They make our YEAR!!!! ;). Ox

  3. echinachea

    Susan said it all. Everything is sunnier after a good workout. Also, everything is sunnier when the sun comes out. Keep up the good work!

  4. denise

    Way to take good care of yourself today. A little distance, allows for renwed perspective. It’s just a little bump, and goes with the territory. This too shall pass.
    Looking forward to tomorrows read.

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