Announcements, Apologies and a Contest!

Dear Readers:

I banged out yesterday’s Sunday (non) Rant too quickly and missed a bunch of typos, so now I feel like an asshole. Sorry about taht. I pumice bitter ediding from now one.

I will be delivering your daily dose of advice later today, along with an exciting announcement! The announcement is related to my mission statement, which reads:

1. Make shit-tons of money;
2. Become famous, but not so famous that the paparazzi give a damn about me;
3. Make even more money, or what I like to call “Fuck You” money;
4. Continue having a great time; and
5. Oh yeah, help people and make them laugh.

If you have been a reader since the beginning, you know about my promise to take my first 20 official “followers” to Hawaii when I make the Big Time (I think I pegged this as the first year I make $600,000 or more from this endeavor, including any subsequent projects that flow from the blog).

If you aren’t in the first 20, here’s your chance to get in on another trip. Starting today, I am running a raffle for another trip: 10 people can each bring a guest for a trip to Palm Desert, where I intend to rent a huge villa (it’s more like a small hotel) and throw a party for three days. You get yourselves there and I will cover the rest.

When? After the Hawaii trip, but within 6 months of that trip. What do you need to do? Share my blog with friends via social networking sites or email or howeverthefuck you want and send me proof at

The first 50 who do so will go into a drawing so if you make it into the group of the first 50, you have a 20% chance of winning*!

Here’s the catch: your friend has to “officially” follow the blog by signing up via email. Ready…set…GO!


*someone may want to check my math…math is not my strong suit.


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  1. John DesCamp

    Is that the new doggie? Not exactly a full meal for anything larger than your Baby Daddy’s cat. I propose the name “Snack” for him or her.

  2. echinachea

    Did you really get another doggie?

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