All Apologies


Dear Readers:

I must confess to being quite frazzled this morning. I leave tomorrow for my tour of Europe during which I will be Mr. Patience and Understanding’s arm candy at his fancy-schmancy events.

Because there will be so many important and well-known people there Mr. PU has asked that I purchase myself a muzzle, the procurement of which will take at least a few hours today because mine must be custom-made due to the size of my word hole.

As if that weren’t bad enough, I have a three hour meeting with my PR and management team today to discuss the amazing and exciting projects that are brewing but about which I cannot speak just yet. Suffice to say this funny little experiment that started a year ago is really taking off and I have all of you to thank.


I will do my best to post tomorrow and as often as I can from the road, but I hope you will all forgive me if I post re-runs now and then. My writing is like Chinese food – even better after you let it sit for a while! And of course, you are hungry for more after an hour.

Once again I am asking that you share the blog and send me your questions! For those of you who have already sent me questions but you haven’t seen them answered yet: don’t worry, I’m getting to you! I just want to have a large bank of material for the blog and the newspaper.

Speaking of that, don’t forget to read GoLocalPDX every Friday for my column! The site received one million page views in its first six days and is going to be an insane success. Thank you to Jack Bogdanski for suggesting to GoLocalPDX that they consider making me a weekly contributor.

Finally, since I will be in London on the 13th anniversary of 9/11, I’m wondering if anyone has a Canadian flag pin I could borrow?



Have a great day, everyone! Thank you again so much for your support. This has been the most significant and amazing year of my life and you are all a part of that. Especially Mr. Patience and Understanding, without whom this dream would have died on the vine.