Adults Acting like Children: Happy Thanksgiving!


Dearest Readers:

In the past two weeks I have received 18 emails from people in “reorganized” families seeking advice regarding the holidays.  The traffic on the piece I wrote last week about a stepmom not being welcome at Thanksgiving dinner was record-breaking; clearly this is a subject with which many people struggle.

This week I am writing to a child of divorce whose parents have put her in the middle via demands and ultimatums over who can and can’t be invited to Thanksgiving dinner.  You can view that HERE at

My writing schedule is going to be changed up a bit as I will be working full-time on another project for the foreseeable future.  I will post at least a few times per week so please be patient and continue supporting me by sharing my work with others, leaving comments, etc.

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There is nothing that can lift the spirits more than a good animal pun accompanied by a funny picture.  I woke up navy this morning but after looking at those memes I’ve worked myself into a nice azure.

OK I’ve got a four hour meeting this afternoon and more prep to do so I’m off.  Please don’t forget to read today’s column on which I have made into a convenient link for you both above and here: My Divorced Parents Make the Holidays Hell!  Share, comment, and encourage your friends to come to my blog and sign up via email.  You will reap great rewards in the Laterlife if you do!


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  1. Katherine frisby

    I love your humor and sensible advice.

  2. Debbie

    Let’s get this blog really started!!!! C’mon folks. Read and Comment. No excuses.

  3. Chris

    Love the humor!

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