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Dear Readers:

I am back and in full swing!  Friday’s radio program in Palm Springs was fabulous and you can listen to it here: Bill Feingold with Kevin Holmes (and ME!)  When you click that link it will take you to a menu, at which point you should select “December 5, 8 a.m.”

Unfortunately for me, I lost some time while Bill interviewed some lady named Anne Rice and her son Chris.  Apparently she wrote some book about a vampire or something and her son dabbles in literature as well.

Fortunately for Anne, she and her son got to share air time with me, which I know must have made them very proud and happy.  You’re welcome, Rice family!  You are sure to sell a book or two now.  I like to encourage other writers; isn’t that big of me?


(Kevin on the left, Bill on the right.  Love these guys!)

Today’s golocalpdx column is about a subject many of us can relate to: a spouse who spends an inordinate amount of time on the computer.  Please click here: My Wife is Addicted to the Internet!

As always, I ask that you take a moment to read the golocalpdx column from a non-mobile platform so you can leave a comment.  I’m not sure when that issue will be resolved but I continue to press for improvements in the commenting system.

Today I start spending much more time on the blog than I have the past two weeks so consider this your notice that we are back to our regularly-scheduled programming. As we make our inevitable sloppy slide into the end of the year, please remember what the holiday season is supposed to really be about:


L: Lure your friends and family to my work;

O: Opine on my writing through commenting;

V: Voice your concern to various radio stations that I don’t have a show yet; and

E: Enjoin from doing anything else until you have read and promoted my blog.


Happy Monday, friends!  See you tomorrow and have a great day!






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