Absent from Work, What Should I Do?


Dear Robin:

I have two jobs, and I didn’t show up at one of them yesterday (writing my blog).  I didn’t take the holiday off, as I was busy recording vignettes for my other job (securing a radio show).  I was supposed to finish today’s blog yesterday but the recording took several hours and I didn’t have an ounce of energy left!

Today I have to spend 5 hours chaperoning a field trip for my son’s class to the courthouse and the next few hours finishing my vignettes.  I am afraid my blog readers will be angry that I haven’t written anything since Friday.


How do I convince the readers that I still love and care about them and the blog, but that I need to spend today focused on my child and my radio career?

Panicked in Portland

Dear Panicked:

I’m sure your readers will understand.  Anyone who would follow a blog as brilliant as yours knows that you belong on the radio and will be supportive of your efforts to that end.  In addition, taking time off work to volunteer for your son’s class is admirable, especially since you will be spending time with them learning about the (in)justice system.

If I may suggest a couple things for the field trip?

1. Try to watch a divorce hearing.  If you are lucky, the Divorce Lawyer Who Shall Not be Named will be in court, flailing about loudly or berating/assaulting a young associate for not doing the DLWSNBN’s job.  This is a good time to explain divorce, alimony and pre-nups to the kids.

2. Make an effort to find a good drug case, especially one that involves a meth defendant.  Boys and girls these days are very focused on their looks, so someone like this may scare them enough to stay on the straight and narrow:


Don’t be so hard on yourself, Panicked.  Go have a great day with your son, finish your recording and come back tomorrow with an awesome blog about husbands who don’t help out around the house.  And don’t forget, you have two columns due to the new Portland online magazine Friday!



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  1. mikedescamp

    Brilliant! I forgive you and wish you well.

    Also, is JS, DLWSNBN still infesting the courts? I thought she would have stroked out by now, considering the insane amount of rage she seems to carry around. One can only hope. But then, what would you use for a really bad example?

    Uncle M

  2. Alice

    I agree with Mike- well done. Children come first, they’re priority! And no explaining required- your readers will always understand- they’re loyal! 🙂

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