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2019 Empty-Nester Seeks to Effect Change – Phone moi?

Robin C. DesCamp

To Whom It May Concern:

I am a lawyer, a mother, and a concerned American seeking a position where I can add my energy, intellect, and service to the effort to return our nation’s government to American values.  I am willing to work on a Democrat campaign, for a liberal NGO, to help with the immigrant children crisis, on a House committee, or any other type of employment where I can help progressive causes and candidates.

I was born in Oregon, went to college and law school here, and up until recently, I would have told you I would never leave my city. However, as I look towards my nest being empty next year and my desire to be a part of something bigger than my law practice, I feel called to make a difference in our country. I believe I can do this in any number of ways, and I am flexible as to opportunities that may provide an avenue for service.

For example: The Democrats took the House in the mid-term elections. It is now incumbent upon those Democrats, as part of their oversight responsibilities, to begin investigations on multiple activities of the current administration. The House may also begin impeachment proceedings against the President, depending upon the Mueller report, as well as any future actions by Mr. Trump that could warrant impeachment proceedings.

Of course, as of today we do not know where Robert Mueller’s investigation will lead, and I can’t predict the outcome of House investigations and impeachment proceedings that have yet to begin. However, should those events take place, and should the various House committees find themselves in need of additional hands on deck, mine are capable, confident, and (unlike the thousands of young attorneys who will be champing at the bit for those jobs), I am seasoned as both an attorney and an investigator. In other words: I’m old, but very experienced!

I graduated from Lewis and Clark Law School in 1997. Most of my career has been spent practicing law in-house for manufacturing companies, while more recently I have done some family law litigation work. While I am a lawyer, I am not beholden to the concept of working as one.  I am talented, a quick thinker and absorber of new information, a solid writer, and I have many years of experience conducting investigations.

In the fall of 2019, my only child will start college in New York City, and I will then have the opportunity to spread my wings past Portland. Because I share parenting duties with my son’s father, I’m also available before then to work outside of Portland two weeks a month, as well as remotely by computer.

I head to Washington, DC for the Women’s March in January. I have purchased a ticket to arrive on January 16th, and I have not scheduled my departure yet. Therefore, I can meet with people for any number of days, beginning January 17th. I am also happy to fly myself anywhere to meet with anyone who might be able to contribute to my efforts to create positive change in our country.

If you can help find a place for a passionate, smart, driven, patriotic (and funny!) woman in DC or anywhere else to help progressive causes and candidates, please share this letter and my attached job history. Thank you very much.

Sincerely Yours,

Robin C. DesCamp

Work Experience Summary

I am a legal professional with over 20 years of experience as problem-solver, consensus-builder, and fact-finder.  I enjoy the intersection where problems and solutions meet to forge a path to progress. My work history has honed my investigative, writing, and negotiation skills, giving me the proven ability to provide valuable and timely legal and business advice to all levels of management and personnel, as well as personal clients. My goal is to obtain a position next year in the DC area to work on matters related to propelling the interests and objectives of progressive causes, whether they are campaigns, House committees, NGOs, or any other opportunity to add my voice and talents to refocusing the country on her ideals. However, I am also happy to consider other opportunities in other areas of the country, or even abroad, should the right position become available.


  • Fact gathering, investigation and analysis to facilitate resolution of problems at all levels of the organization
  • Influence and collaborate with individuals and teams whose interests may be divergent
  • Strategic training (including drafting of training materials) of company personnel in legal and business issues including employment practices compliance, ethics, and interpersonal relationships
  • Provision of service to clients across all functional teams, including Human Resources, Manufacturing, Purchasing, Marketing and Senior Management
  • Analysis of laws and regulations impacting clients, organizations, and their business partners
  • Negotiation, drafting and review of contracts
  • Litigation

In-House Experience: In-house counsel from 1997 to 2015. Employers included Louisiana-Pacific, NACCO Materials Handling Group, Daimler Trucks North America, and Blount, Inc. Responsibilities at these companies included the following duties:

  • Responsible for all aspects of investigations prompted by government agency filings, compliance allegations (internal and external), employee complaints, NLRB charges, EEOC (and local equivalent) charges, and vendor or business partner allegations.  Investigations included document gathering and analysis, witness interviews, site visits, and report drafting for delivery to management and/or governmental agency. Achieved 91% success rate on all EEOC and NLRB charges.
  • Key member of a team charged with corporate-wide reclassification of employees to ensure wage and hour compliance with the Fair Labor Standards Act.  Legal analysis of wage and hour laws in 43 states and selection of overtime payment method.  Drafted all documents related to reclassification including announcements, overnight agreements, FAQs, job descriptions, and talking points for managers.  Resolution of employee and customer complaints to avoid litigation.
  • Drafting, review and negotiation of commercial agreements on a company-wide basis.  Integral member of team tasked with divestiture of 29 franchise properties in 18 states; responsibilities include analysis of commercial agreements, employment issues, real estate matters, and each property’s compliance with state and federal law, along with all aspects of responding to due diligence requests from purchaser.
  • As one of only two attorneys in a large multi-national manufacturing company, advised the corporation on issues relating to employment and labor problems and practices, corporate governance, corporate compliance and ethics monitoring and problem-solving, commercial transactions and doing business in a legal, responsible and sustainable manner.  Researched, selected and managed online ethics reporting system.
  • Direction and management of outside counsel for all employment and labor litigation matters.  Advised senior management during labor negotiations.  Creation of new and revision of existing corporate policies including environmental, labor, harassment, discrimination, business practices, and corporate compliance policies.  Served as legal representative on team charged with the most comprehensive benefit change in company history.
  • Partnered with Internal Audit Department to conduct audits regarding facilities, purchasing, and employment issues. Responsible for audit and legal analysis of results of a Montrose, Colorado manufacturing plant which at the time was under the largest EPA fine and strictest compliance program in EPA history.  Audit work included site visits, inspection of facilities including products and testing instruments and records, employee interviews, data analysis and drafting of reports for senior management. 
  • Analysis of warranty claims issues, product literature claims, and review of all marketing materials to ensure claim substantiation and legal compliance.


Litigation Experience: Solo family law practice from 2015 to present focusing on the amicable resolution of cases whenever possible, and the litigation of cases when necessary.


  • Financial analysis of large net-worth cases.
  • Filing of all necessary forms and documents for family law cases.
  • Contested hearing and trial litigation with a success rate of over 90%.
  • Investigation of financial irregularities.
  • Mediation, arbitration, and post-litigation matters. 
  • Client expectation management.



Northwestern School of Law at Lewis and Clark College, Portland, Oregon.  1997 graduate.

University of Oregon, Eugene, Oregon.  Bachelor of Arts, Political Science.  1992 graduate.