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Swollen Glands and Tax Cheats

Dear Readers:

I suppose I should be grateful that I am sick today, with glands so swollen it looks like I swallowed two golf balls and a headache that won’t back down to Tylenol.

Why grateful that I’m getting a fever and feel as if 550 pounds (conservative estimate) of Portland’s ugliest DICK (Divorce Industrial Complex Kingpin) and her mud-slinging, Diversion Agreement-suffering mini-me are sitting on my chest?  

Because this didn’t happen last week, when I was taking meetings in Los Angeles and being fabulous on the radio.

In addition, I am working on an investigation that could have some very interesting ramifications and reverberations in this town.  This charitable chore is taxing but I think there will be great returns from this non-profit work I am doing today.

Those are hints.  Stay tuned.

Speaking of taxes, and since I am not well, I’ve decided to give you this re-run today.  I think many of you, especially those who work in the accounting arenas, may find it interesting.  

Much ado about nothing?  Or is there something hinky going on at this firm?

Don’t miss the comments, especially one by “Vicki,” who sounds extremely defensive, don’t you think?

Worried my Boss is Cheating on Her Taxes!

Have a great day!