Fishing For Catfish And Trolling Trolls: You Do NOT Want To Miss This

Fishing for Catfish and Trolling Trolls: You Do NOT Want to Miss This

Dear Readers:

Once in a while, your favorite blogger and righter-of-wrongs needs a break from the usual routine and an excursion into another writing genre.

Today is one of those days.  

Today, my friends, I give to you the latest version of “Robin Fucks with Scam Artists.”

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Just Because You’re Paranoid, That Doesn’t Mean They Aren’t After You.

Dear Readers:

What a wild and wacky few days we’ve had here at the headquarters of!  I have gone from feeling a bit like Don Quixote to identifying more with Paul Revere these days.  

Here is a breakdown of what occurred since Thursday last week:

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