Can The Black Dog Be Shoo’d Away With Diet And Exercise?

Can the Black Dog be Shoo’d Away with Diet and Exercise?

Dear Robin:

I am a 33-year-old professional, never married, no kids.  My hope is to get married and have a family someday but I’m not in a rush and that might be because I suffer from intermittent depression and sometimes it can be pretty awful. My childhood was not the best but I’ve been working with a therapist for the past 18 months and we are really making strides.

My problem is I met a man I like a lot a few months ago.  He knows about my depression and has been supportive up until a few weeks ago when I told him my doctor and therapist were recommending I try an antidepressant to alleviate the onslaught of depression and maybe even stave it off.

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Chantix: It Might Work For You But It Messed Me Up Good

Chantix: It Might Work for You but it Messed Me Up Good

Dear Robin:

My wife and I read your blog on smoking and exercise and it hit home for us. She has put on weight and wants to get in better shape and I have been a smoker for 20 years and want to stop.

We are going to try your approach to help each other.  Great idea!

You mentioned medications in that blog – what do you know about Chantix?  I’m thinking of trying it.


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Parents Acting Like Children At Christmas

Parents Acting Like Children at Christmas

Dear Robin,

My parents divorced 3 years ago and both are once again driving me crazy regarding the holidays.  

I am married with one child and my husband and I are hosting Christmas dinner this year which is great, except both my parents have told me they want to come but only if I can promise not to invite the other.

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How Do I Lose Weight?

Dear Robin:

Long time fan, first time writer! My husband is tired of hearing me complain about my weight but I’m sure he’d be happy if I did something about it. When we married almost 20 years ago I weighed 140 but today I am closer to 190.

LOL I haven’t been on a scale in over a year so who knows what I really weigh? Every time I start a new program I get bored and frustrated that the weight doesn’t come off faster and I quit.

Do you have any advice for me? This probably seems like a dumb question because I know you have some serious things coming to you every day, but it matters to me. I am free to talk by email if you want more detail.*


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