She Cheats, Then Freaks

She Cheats, then Freaks


My wife had an affair for several years and when I found out she told me she wants a divorce.  The marriage was not good for a long time so after I got over being cheated on, I was fine with the divorce.

I met someone and started dating and here’s what’s weird: my ex totally freaked out.  She has been verbally and physically abusive since discovering I have a girlfriend and for the life of me I can’t understand why.

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Frigid Husband Hot For Porn

Frigid Husband Hot for Porn

Dear Robin:

About a year ago, my husband announced he was under too much pressure and stress to think about sex.  He asked me not to initiate anymore (I was ALWAYS the one to initiate) and basically said, “when I want to do it I’ll let you know.”

I am only 45 years old and not ready to give up sex, but I tried to be understanding.  I focused on making him happy, being supportive of his career, and doing nice things for him whenever I could.  Before the moratorium, he took Viagra to help with his erectile dysfunction.  I’m telling you that because it comes into play for why I’m writing you.

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