Chantix: It Might Work For You But It Messed Me Up Good

Chantix: It Might Work for You but it Messed Me Up Good

Dear Robin:

My wife and I read your blog on smoking and exercise and it hit home for us. She has put on weight and wants to get in better shape and I have been a smoker for 20 years and want to stop.

We are going to try your approach to help each other.  Great idea!

You mentioned medications in that blog – what do you know about Chantix?  I’m thinking of trying it.


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Empty Threats Or Something More?

Empty Threats or Something More?

Dear Readers:

I recently received a follow-up email from someone who wrote to me in July.  Here is what it said:

“Well, it happened again.  Last night he told me I don’t make him happy but he couldn’t give me any specifics on what I can do to make him happy.  He apologized very nicely this morning and explained he’s under a lot of stress but so am I.  Does this change your earlier advice?”

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Dear Robin:

My mother is extremely difficult for me to be around and has never been maternal, loving or supportive.  She has never complimented me or acknowledged any of my accomplishments.

She will fly into a rage about nothing, then five minutes later, it’s like it never happened. It has taken me years to realize what a messed up situation she creates and I’ve had enough as she’s 70 and not going to change.

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