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Radio Robin!

Dear Readers:

I’ve just returned from Los Angeles and Palm Desert and what a great trip!

I cannot share details of the trip until we see how things pan out, but I feel great about the meetings in L.A. and the radio appearance in the desert.

Bill Feingold (with adorable Kevin Holmes, whom I plan to covert to my team should Mr. Patience and Understanding ever wise up and leave me) has the #1 show in Coachella Valley and this was my fifth appearance.

I love these guys and every time I am on their show it’s a blast.  They gave me my first shot on the radio, which I repaid them for by showing up late when my driver insisted upon taking the busy streets instead of the highway I suggested.

That’s a hilarious story I will tell if they will have me back on my next trip.  From beginning to end, with the exception of my time on the air with Bill and Kevin and when Mr. Patience and Understanding finally rescued me and we escaped the Condo and “Friend” from Hell, it was the single worst trip I’ve ever taken.

Fortunately for me these days, when bad things happen I am gifted with good material.  I’ve told the story at a few dinner parties and it never fails to get not only plenty of laughs, but several statements of disbelief.

“That could not have happened!” they say.  

But it did.

Today’s Menu

Rather than give you the advice blog today, I ask that you please listen to my radio appearance.  I usually have an hour, but this visit was limited to less than that.

Listen to the whole thing if you like, or skip to the 27:00 mark.  If you enjoyed this, please feel free to contact KNEWS Radio Program Director Paul Cashin at and urge him to have me back on any of the Alpha programs in Palm Desert.  

I’m so good on the radio – certainly the station can “Cashin” on that greatness.

He probably gets that joke a lot.  Apologies, Paul.  I get “Robin Deathcamp” all the time, so I can relate to bad last-name-based puns.

Listen and leave a comment!  I have some very big blogs I’m working on now but they are so in-depth that they will be delivered in a series beginning in a few days, hopefully.  

I will also be bringing you an important update from a reader who submitted a question to me months ago about her teenage daughter hanging out with a new worrisome group of friends.  You can read that here:

The Company You Keep

Now for the radio show! Jump to the 27:00 mark on the audio file below and enjoy. 

What fun this new life is turning out to be!