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Jury Duty

Dear Readers:

The blog has been sparse this week because I was carrying out my responsibility as a US citizen to appear for jury duty.  The experience was eye-opening and an adventure into illustrations of just how small Portland, Oregon is.

I was very excited to report for jury duty.  I was disturbed (and frankly annoyed) by everyone who, when hearing how thrilled I was to have been called to report, said they would have tried to get out of it.

Not me, man.  No way.  

Not only is showing up for jury duty an absolute civic responsibility, it also offers the rare chance for me to practice my art of persuasion on a group of 11 other people. I knew going in that whatever the case and whatever the facts, I would fight tooth and nail to sway the jurors to my verdict, because as we all know by now: I am always right!

Alas, it was not to be.

More on that tomorrow, as I have a big client project in front of me.

“Client project,” you ask?  Why, yes!  Didn’t you see my announcement?  Click below:

Divorce by Design Consulting Services.

Happily today’s project does not require much typing, because that is another reason I cannot write today.  I suffered a very bad burn on my hand almost two weeks ago and it appears to be infected.  

Do you feel sorry for me?  I do.  Please allow yourself to sympathize with my problems by sending wine.  Not for me, of course, but my beloved Archie the Drunken Chihuahua.


(that photo just never gets old)

Enough excuses/explanations.  Come back tomorrow for my essay on jury duty.  

Speaking of excuses and explanations, I leave you with this blog I wrote about the smoking cessation drug Chantix.  

Why am I reposting today?  Because it ties into my story about jury duty.  You’ll see when you read tomorrow!

My Chantix Nightmare

Finally, please share my Divorce by Design Consulting Services announcement with anyone you think could use a creative and inexpensive approach to their family situation, whatever it may be.  To recap from the blog:

Services I Offer

  • divorce (and post-divorce) family mediation 
  • coaching
  • legal fee review to determine just how your lawyer screwed or is screwing you
  • assistance fighting lawsuits from your former DICK when they sue you for unpaid balances
  • divorce paperwork for simple cases
  • gut checks on proposed settlement offers

Services I Don’t

  • litigation

The work I’ve done thus far of which I am the proudest is the mediation between couples.  

I’ve had people come to me who thought they hated each other and wanted to fight to the death.  My extremely direct and reality based head-knocking has saved many from destroying themselves, their children, and going broke.


I expect my clients to be open to compromise and the spirit of resolution with minimal damage to the family’s mental health and financial well-being. If you want to screw your spouse and make them pay for whatever wrongs you think they visited upon you with a nasty divorce that will go on forever, please seek help elsewhere, because that ain’t me.

Right now my dance card is filling up but I am still talking to potential clients depending upon the extent of their needs.  

I need to limit the demands of Divorce by Design Consulting to a degree that will allow me to continue the blog and publish the book, so email me soon if you’d like to talk.  Robin@robindescamp.com.

Have a great day, everyone!



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  1. NYC

    I’ve always wanted to be on jury duty but have never been called. I’ve voted faithfully since I was 18, so shouldn’t they have my number? I stand by, envious and hopeful.

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