Thursday Rant – Sexual Assault on Campus and the New Mass Hysteria

Dear Readers:

First let me apologize for my absence yesterday.  I am spending more time on a PR effort that is just getting underway so once in a while the blog must suffer.  Happily, I should be bursting on the scene at any moment!

I am taking a family vacation starting today, heading to Eugene to watch the Ducks eviscerate play the Arizona Wildcats with my blended family of Ducks and Wildcats. Then it’s off to Central Oregon for some golf and horseback riding.

No, I’m not bragging about how fabulous my life is, though let’s face it, it really kind of sort of is, isn’t it?


I’m telling you all this to explain why the blog may suffer from some “technical difficulties” over the next few days.  By “technical difficulties” I mean I’ll be having too much fun to stop and help others with their problems while simultaneously making millions laugh, ponder and smile in bemusement at my witty yet strangely profound advice.

While I was going to leave it at that this morning, I read something that really got me going.  There was an article in my very own publication that was frightening to me.  Please take a moment to read it here: Only Half of Oregon’s Campus Sexual Assault Complaints Result in Punishment.

Did you actually click and read or did you just keep going to this sentence that you are now reading?  Go on, click and read or the remainder of what you will see here won’t make a lot of sense.

Fine, I’ll give you the damn link again!  You people are so damn lazy!

Here you go, lazy silly person.

Because I am a very green person who hates global warming, pollution, and garbage I feel compelled to recycle the comment I left on the article for today’s blog.


Also, I haven’t worked out or packed yet so it is what it is.

The article is deeply disturbing on several levels. Let’s list them numerically, shall we?
1. “Only half of the sexual assault complaints reported to Oregon’s public universities over the last five years resulted in punishment.”

Perhaps that is because 50% of the accusations do not rise to the level of sexual assault.

There is an overarching theme here that suggests that all accusers are telling the truth and all accused are guilty. There is a reason we assume people are innocent until proven otherwise and this mini-criminal justice system with no rules of evidence, etc. is a mind-boggling Orwellian nightmare.

2.“’It seems to me that it’s being taken lightly, and that shouldn’t be the case at all,’ said Susana Ruiz.”

Susana, have you considered that may be because many of these accusations do not constitute sexual assault? Have you even thought for one fleeting moment that there are innocent men being accused of rape when all they did was have sex with a girl who later regretted it?

3. “California passed a new consent law this week, making it the first state to require a ‘yes means yes’ law on college campuses, meaning consensual sex requires an affirmative yes and cannot be given under the influence of drugs or alcohol.”

I don’t know about you, but I just fell out of my chair laughing at that one. If you have a son in a California college, you may want to reconvert your new home gym back into his bedroom because now he is guilty of sexual assault and can be expelled if he has sex with a woman who has been drinking. In other words, 99% of college sexual experiences.


These are adult people making adult decisions and possibly committing adult crimes. They should be dealt with via the criminal justice system, where there are rules of criminal procedure and constitutional and other legal safeguards for both the accuser and the accused.

The idea to delegate this area of law to a university system that is neither equipped for nor educated to handle these matters is insane.

4. “‘Your’e not going to feel safe if the perpetrators are not held accountable for what they’ve done. That’s not a safe environment,’” said Vanessa Timmons.

Again, has anyone considered that not every accusation is true, accurate and rises to the level of sexual misconduct? Even for a moment? Anyone? Anyone? Bueller???

I would offer that an unsafe environment would also include one in which all accusers are believed without question and all accused are convicted and punished without evidence beyond an accusation.

That sounds like an excellent system for Afghanistan, not so much here in the good old U S of A.


(this guy committed adultery – hope she was worth it!)

5. “Critics question if it is appropriate for schools to be handling serious violent criminal cases such as sexual assault through an internal process, but victims’ advocates and higher education experts say it’s a necessary option for students who don’t want to take their case to the oft-public and lengthy court system.

‘You would create a totally hostile environment for the women and folks on campus’ without university involvement, said Kevin Kruger, NASPA Student Affairs president. ‘There has to be some action that protects a student prior to the criminal proceeding.’”

Gah – where to start with this one? We have created an entirely arbitrary private justice system for educated people. What I mean by that is if you are fortunate enough to attend college, you are part of a totally different system. If you are any other woman in America and you accuse someone of rape, you go through the process. Why on earth shouldn’t both the victim and the accused have to engage in the system we have?

The hostile environment argument goes both ways. College men, you better videotape consent from now on and have her blow (into a breathalyzer – get your mind out of the gutter) before you park your car in her garage for the night. You should actually get a blood sample too, just in case she smoked a joint on her way to the party.


Feel free to rip me apart and call me a rape apologist in the comments.  I am sick and tired of this brewing mass hysteria over what sometimes amounts to drunk sex that the female partner regrets in the morning.

YES, rape does happen on campus, as it does everywhere else.  You shouldn’t be faced with an entirely different “justice” system simply because you are getting a degree to help land that barista position – thanks Bush, Obama, and whoever wins in 2016!

That’s it people, I’m outta here.  Love you all, have a great weekend, and GO DUCKS!


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  1. Tamsen

    Hi Robin, I have to say, for the most part I agree with you. My one criticism is that the problem of mass hysteria has been created by the colleges who haven’t taken at least a few cases seriously, and have now made the whole system look bad. College campuses should NOT be a mini-justice system, but they should have an office or someone where people can go to complain, and support the parties through the criminal justice system if they feel the criminal justice system should be involved. Unfortunately though, colleges have done a half-assed job of taking on the problem and that has resulted in this hysteria. You’re absolutely right that not all accusers are telling the truth; regret after the fact isn’t the same thing as not-consenting in the first place and it shouldn’t be up to the school frankly to take on the determination of guilt or innocence.

    California’s new law is absolutely ridiculous. Who ever heard of two college kids having sober and drug free sex? You must be kidding.

    1. Advice Goddess

      Great point, thanks!

  2. Doxie

    Robin, I love your blog! I read it every day and pretty much always agree with your opinion.

    This is a slippery slope for sure and guaranteed to get people going. This type of thinking is why I never agreed with any of the “Take Back the Night” rallies that got so popular 20 years ago. Rape is a terrible thing, but having drunken sex and later regretting it doesn’t give anyone the right to stand in front of a crowd and label someone a rapist. Seems we have put all the responsibility on the man these days and none on the woman.

    I don’t think you are making light of rape at all. It is a real problem. However, personal responsibility is also a problem. One that so many don’t seem to want to address these days. We live in an “I’m a victim” world nowadays and I, for one, am tired of it. Bad things happen to people and that is terrible. However, we are responsible for the choices we make.

  3. Nixie

    Baby boomers and beyond are doing a poor job of communicating to their children about sex, alcohol and drugs as they become young adults in this country. There is an excellent documentary available free on youtube called “Let’s Talk About Sex” that shows the huge difference between the education and attitudes of young adults in Amsterdam and Portland Oregon for one example about what it means to have a condom in your wallet. I have no idea how culturally we will get over abstinance only education that clearly isn’t working.

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