Latest Bar Complaint Response and Robin Does Mediation!

Dear Readers:

Today I am racing to finish my work on a mediation job so I’ll be brief.  I want to address the numerous comments and emails I’ve received asking me to post my latest bar complaint response on my blog. 

For those of you who requested the document and have enjoyed it enough to urge that I publish it: thank you.  I do appreciate your feedback and your praise. I have to admit I’ve been tempted, especially yesterday when I was copied on this from the Oregon State Bar:

Dear (Complainant):

Robin DesCamp has sent us the attached correspondence in answer to your concerns.  The enclosures submitted were sufficiently voluminous that we elected to provide them to you on the enclosed CD.  

Please review the enclosures and provide us with any additional information you wish to have us evaluate no later than May 23, 2016. If you do not provide any additional information, we will review this case without further input. 

Thank you for your cooperation.


Assistant General Counsel

That email also included two earlier exchanges between the bar and Complainant that I should have been copied on when they occurred but was not. Sigh.

From: Complainant

To: Oregon State Bar Assistant General Counsel

March 17, 2016

Can you confirm whether or not Robin has received my complaint and the documentation that I had provided? She seems to be making light of the complaint and has gone on the offensive on her blog this week. I am just wanting to know whether or not she has realized the severity and extent of the issues identified as she has stepped up her rhetoric and threats to expose me by name in yesterday’s blog post.

I understand that it was optimistic to think that my complaint would have made her stop, but there is always the outside chance. I honestly believe that she would have continued with her disparaging story regardless of what actions I took to try to stop it. For your information, (ex-wife) has requested her to stop her blog posts as well this week and Robin has refused.

In Robin’s words (posted on her blog), this story is too important not to be told. For what reason, I will never comprehend. Thanks again for expeditious investigation of this complaint.

The OSB responded that I had received the complaint.  I point out why this is so funny in the document link below so don’t you dare scroll past it. 

Here is the next exchange:

From: Oregon State Bar Assistant General Counsel

To: Complainant

Just letting you know that we are expecting Ms. DesCamp’s response by April 27, 2016, per an extension granted today.

To which Complainant responded:

Thanks for the update. Her disposition seems to have changed a bit. She has also become quiet on her blog so she appears to be taking this seriously finally.


I felt compelled to respond to yesterday’s email and its attachments so here you go!

May 2 letter OSB

Maybe I should not post that here, but I’m getting a little tired of the blatantly false allegations being made against me and the time it takes for me to address them.  

It’s important if you choose to read my latest letter to the bar that you click on the links within it because they show beyond a shadow of a doubt that Complainant is either:

a) lying without compunction;  or

b) living in an alternate universe.

I have not changed my mind about publishing the entire response here but at some point I may.  As I’ve stated before, if you’d like a copy please email me at


You may recall my announcement in February about an idea for a unique mediation business.  Please click here to refresh your recollection: Announcement!

I haven’t spent the time needed to get this business off the ground but I have been contacted by some couples seeking help and I’ve been successful in every case.  

If you or anyone you know is either going through or considering divorce, please email me at to discuss my approach to the process, how different (and less expensive) it is than traditional litigation followed by mediation, and for names of couples who can attest to my gifts in this area.

I promise tomorrow I will deliver the second part of my bifurcated advice to “Ashamed,” a woman whose shame over conspiring to do terrible things during her divorce has made her an ATM for her former divorce lawyer.  Did you miss that one?  Here is is:

Pressure to Donate from My Lawyer

Have a beautiful day, everyone!



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  1. Name


    I am one of the 60 people who requested the response and I am glad I did. It was long but very funny and I read it over several days, a few pages at a time. I don’t understand why you posted the first one but not this one. I read both and the allegations in #2 were actually much more serious than in #1. Your blog notes your mediation business today which is an even better reason to publish the response because you should be able to defend yourself against accusations that could impact your ability to get clients, don’t you think?

    Just FYI I heard some people talking about the response at the MAC last week and they loved it. I actually had to lean over and tell them I’d read it too as they were reading aloud from it and I couldn’t help but overhear. It was a few lawyers who share your opinions about quite a few things. I thought you’d like to hear that story.

    I am sharing your blog with some friends who are beginning the divorce process. Happy to help!

    1. Robin DesCamp

      Dear “Name” (love your name, Name):
      1. Thank you so much for reading and complimenting the response. I truly appreciate it. I had a real rush of requests yesterday and can now brag it’s gone out to 80 people, many of whom vowed to share it with others. Fun times but not nearly the reach I’d get if I posted it here.
      2. Point of fact: the “allegations” in bar complaint #2 were serious, but by that I mean seriously stupid. The only lie/accusation the bar asked me to respond to out of the seven-page single-spaced Unabomber-like manifesto was a possible violation of ORPC 4.2 – contact with a represented party. Of course you know how well I handled that one, seeing as how a) it absolutely never happened, and b) Complainant’s own “evidence” in support of that claim showed it never happened. After I was told by bar counsel I need only respond to the ORPC 4.2 allegation, I chuckled to myself and understood immediately that this much comedy gold simply could not remain in the mine. Thus, I responded to all of it. My favorite was the allegation I tried to “extort” her into dropping a bar complaint against her ex-wife’s attorney at least one month before it was actually filed. I love my magic time machine!
      3. I appreciate your concern but anyone who would hire me to mediate would do so in part because of who I am and how I view the current system. I don’t see how reading my response would allay any fears about my competence but as I’ve said, I’ll email it to anyone who wants to read it.
      4. For readers not in Portland, the “MAC” is the Multnomah Athletic Club. It used to be somewhat exclusive but given some of the DICKs I see running around there these days, clearly it no longer is. I love this story, though. A friend of mine struck up a similar conversation with a lawyer at the Arlington Club last week and found out several attorneys at his firm had passed the response around and enjoyed the ever-loving shit out of it. He told me there were mainly two reasons: a) many attorneys who have had BS complaints filed against them wish they had the balls to write a response like this; and b) everyone, and I mean EVERYONE in the mid-to-upper echelons of the Portland legal community despises this reviled group of ghostwriters. That is why when partners apply for membership at certain clubs, including but certainly not limited to a fancy-schmancy golf club and a similarly fancy-schmancy tennis club, they are not just soundly rejected: the people who proposed them are called on the carpet for seeking to admit cockroaches into the sanctuary. I heard the tennis club blackball was especially brutal and there was quite the email chain going around town in which members vowed to quit immediately should the proposed DICK be admitted to their club. I’ve yet to see that email – I’ve just heard about it from a few people – so if any of you readers would like to send it to me I’d be thrilled!
      5. Thank you for sharing my blog and suggesting me to friends for mediation. I appreciate it!

  2. Just so sad

    “She is absolutely living in an alternate universe” is the unfortunate truth.

    1. Robin DesCamp

      I don’t know Complainant and frankly I don’t care to, but what I do know is if she actually believes these allegations, despite all the evidence that points to the contrary, she is truly suffering from something. Stockholm Syndrome, to be sure, but a persecution complex as well.

  3. NYC

    Does no one in her world stand up to her and tell her how messed up she is? Shame on her friends and family! They are enabling her to continue to abuse her ex-wife and children! Maybe Sarah should start a “Go Fund Me” !!!

  4. Praying for her

    Surrounding herself with sycophants and DICKs, she just has her screwed-up world view confirmed. “Poor Samantha! Everyone treats her so unfairly!” And with that kind of confirmation, I’m afraid she’ll never get the mental health help she so desperately needs to be able to: have authentic relationships with her children, and can present herself as an integrated, intelligent professional at job interviews so she even has a chance to rebuild a career.

  5. New York

    Are you concerned at all that the bar will take action against you not because of the clearly baseless allegations in the complaint, but rather because of the manner in which you wrote your response? As a fan of your writing and an attorney, I am concerned that what may be appropriate, fun, and highly entertaining here may be dangerous in an official bar complaint proceedings.

    Just a fan and hopefully a future friend looking out for you. Thank you for emailing me the response. I have not had that much fun reading something supposedly official and serious since I read the Starr Report. My partner has been hogging it and I need to get it back because I want to read it again.

    PS: I see from your Facebook feed you are going to Hamilton. I saw it last month and it was worth every cent – you will absolutely love it. I live in New York and would love to buy you dinner while you are here! I’ll email you. No, I am not a crazy stalker.

    1. Robin DesCamp

      Hello, New York! Not only will I be going to see Hamilton, I will be auditioning to replace BOTH Kelly Ripa AND Michael Strahan for “Live!” Email me about getting together but know I will have my bodyguard with me, so don’t try anything funny.

      Thank you for your concern, but I do not share it. There are no bar rules about the tone or content of a response to a complaint, at least none of which I am aware. Will the bar possibly create such rules in my honor? I hate to think so, but you never know.

      Despite a first-blush analysis that could lead some to believe I treat these things like a joke, I do not. I use humor, to be sure, but I use it the way I do in my blog: to deliver hard truths with an opportunity for laughter.

      The Complainant is the one who treated this process like a joke. She either outright lied in her complaint or wrote things that establish her residence outside the real world. I think I proved that beyond any shadow of a doubt in my response. Bar complaints are serious matters that too often go without proper action by the authorities, in my opinion, and perhaps that is because they are so inundated with bogus laughable shit like the two filed against me.

      Two so far, I should say.

      I like to imagine the people at the OSB enjoying my unique style of response. Perhaps the lawyer charged with dealing with this matter had a grand old time reviewing my response. She was, after all, the same lawyer in charge of Complaint #1 from my biggest fan in Florida. Who can possibly forget that one? Complaint Against Robin #1.

      Perhaps she did not enjoy either response at all. Perhaps she sat back in her chair and, like Republicans today abandoning the party out of disgust for Trump, considered leaving the profession that would have me in it (albeit inactive).

      Who knows? Who cares?

      I am reminded of the anonymous letter in which I was accused of being “disgusting” and “embarassing” because I posted a joke about an abusive Catholic priest on Facebook. There are some people who understand that humor is one of the highest forms of social commentary and criticism. There are others who are too stupid to know that. The first group loves comedians like George Carlin, Lenny Bruce, and Eddie Murphy in the early days.

      The other is more comfortable with Carrot Top, Jay Leno, and Eddie Murphy movies in which he puts on a fat suit.

      I’m proud to be in the first group and to cater to that group as well. I will not change my style to meet standards that are as of yet unwritten for bar response tone and content.

      This morning I received eight more requests to post the response online. This thing has really gone viral.

      I look forward to reading the response to my response, which I assume is being ghostwritten as I type these words. One can only imagine how you come back from having every untrue allegation you sent to the bar refuted unequivocally by reason, facts, and pointed highlights of your inability to embrace either.

  6. TED

    Having read both your bar complaint responses I have to say you should get paid big money for this work. I agree with everyone else who has suggested you post the latest one on your blog, instead of making people ask you for it. A lot of people won’t be comfortable giving you their email address and I still don’t get your reasons for not publishing it here. Chicken!

    1. Robin DesCamp

      Your accusations of my status as a chicken are rejected, but your voice within the chorus of folks urging me to publish the response here is noted. One thing I was thinking this morning is that Complainant does not even realize the HUGE favor I am doing her by not using her name in my bar complaint response and then posting it here, which I am of course totally entitled to do. Why is that? Because given the tags I would give it and the enormous popularity of the response just based upon how many times I’ve emailed it, sooner or later this would be a Google search result.

      For example, let’s assume Complainant stops crying and writing checks to her lawyers for fifteen minutes and actually gets a job interview. Let’s assume she steps into reality for the entirety of the interview and does not paint herself as a victim or a martyr, but rather portrays the successful executive she once was. Let’s further assume she manages to impress those with the power of hiring her and they ask HR to do a background check.

      HR then googles her name and comes up with the bar complaint and my response. They also come up with the response to my response which she is furiously working on now at her inferior address (because her lawyers have all her money) in my neighborhood where we do NOT have coffee. She emails her ghostwriters at all hours of the day and night trying to come up with alternative arguments that once again defy the space-time continuum.

      So HR sees that. All of that. All of her paranoid rantings and bizarre claims and victim-minded bullshit. You know what I think? I think any company would nix her based upon her bar complaint. I truly do. I know that’s true because three people who work in HR have told me they would NEVER hire the author of that complaint.

      Because I know the bar complaint is without merit, to put it mildly, I harbor no animosity towards Complainant. Because I know the bar complaint is without merit, I know it will have no effect on my life beyond the time it took to craft my response. Because I am not a horrible person, I am not using her name. Because I care about her family and want her to get another job, I am not using her name. It would be so easy and there would be nothing about publishing her name that could subject me either to another bar complaint OR litigation against me, which is apparently her financial planning vehicle for now.

      Speaking of suing me, how many lawyers have you met with, Samantha? I mean lawyers outside your DICK firm. Real lawyers. Lawyers like Steve E., who has suffered long enough. Lawyers like those you find at the big three in town or, shit, any other firms not on 107th and Halsey? Hmmmmmmm? I welcome your lawsuit which would be immediately dismissed (fees to me – wheeee!) but I suspect if you file it will be pro se, because there isn’t a lawyer in Portland stupid enough to file frivolous litigation over your butthurt.

      So no, I am not using her name, and the only reason is I do not want the world to know what a fucking loon she is. I don’t want her kids to know, I don’t want her family to know (although of course they already do), but most important I don’t want future employers to know. She spent all her money on lawyers and she needs to get a job. It’s pretty funny to me she doesn’t understand that most anyone else facing the kind of lies she told about me that sought to threaten my license and therefore potential earning ability would not have hesitated to respond in kind with her name. How does she NOT UNDERSTAND the enormous favor I am doing for her by shielding her name?

  7. Karen D.

    OMG fucking love your blog. I was turned onto you by my lawyer when you wrote your first bar response. She had it printed on her desk when I came to see her and the cover made me LOL so she gave me a copy and I started reading everything you’ve written.

    So want to know why I am finally leaving a comment for the first time? Guess what I do for a living? I am an HR exec. I absolutely must weigh in on this because your comment above is exactly correct – there is no doubt whatsoever that anyone who reads that complaint she wrote and the emails to the OSB (OMG – “Did she get my complaint? She’s not taking it seriously.” that was to die for funny) would never in a million years hire her. Never.

    The tone of her complaint, the way it was structured, the fact that you absolutely blew away her charges with facts and my favorite – you used her own evidence against her to prove your point – shows ME that this person is not qualified to work within my company. I am curious to know whether she really was an executive because I just find it really hard to believe after reading that stuff. REALLY HARD.

    For example the “extortion” charge that would require DesCamp’s magic time machine to be true. How did she miss the fact that the dates didn’t work in her favor? That kind of lack of attention to detail coupled with the clear paranoia and persecution complex tells me she isn’t fit to be an executive here (big shoe company that’s all I’m saying) or even qualified to run the vacuum at night.

    Thanks for emailing the response to me. I’ve shared it over 20 times and everyone who’s read it has commented to me how fucking awesome it was.

    1. Robin DesCamp

      Thank you for your comments. You are now the fourth HR person to make that observation and I hope others will comment as well. Samantha is already fighting an uphill battle. I don’t care what anyone tells you about Portland being “liberal,” because it isn’t. If you look at the major corporations left here (and there are so few that it’s pathetic) the people in power have four things in common almost across the board: they are 1) white, 2) male (except HR execs because then, ladies are OK!), 3) heterosexual or closeted, and 4) cisgender (they identify with the parts that their bathing suit has covered since birth).

      One of the things that used to drive me crazy when I was in-house counsel was the complete lack of any diversity at management and senior management level at all of the companies I worked for. I remember two execs who were closeted and it made me pissed because I knew if the people in charge figured out who they really slept with, they’d manage to get rid of them. In case you are wondering how I knew they were gay, I can’t tell you the details but I will say I was NOT guessing – I knew it for a fact.

      The company where Samantha worked does not enjoy a good reputation in the areas of diversity, inclusion, and letting people be who they truly are. If she had been my friend I would have told her to find another job before transitioning because once it happened, she would almost certainly have a sudden and unexplained drop in her standing. Even if Samantha wasn’t such a difficult person, based upon my experience anyway, they would have found a way to get rid of her. I’ve seen it a million times and it fucking sucks. It’s not fair and companies are too terrified of people who are different to realize that diversity and inclusion broadens and improves an organization in ways too numerous to detail here.

      My point is that she is already going to have an extremely tough time getting a job here, and certainly in most places, because people are so close-minded and bigoted, even as they pretend to be “tolerant” (I hate that word) and non-biased. For example, someone at that DICK firm spends a TON of energy pretended to support LBGT issues. A ton. It’s all for show and it’s all about money. People who know her say she is a RAGING homophobe and a certain “out” judge, asked over and over and over to speak at her firm, refused because he knows she hates gay people. Fucking HATES them. She uses words like “faggot” all the time in safe company. It’s interesting because she has so many gay sycophants followers, one of who told me that he didn’t care that she threatened to “out” a bisexual man to his religious nut boss if he didn’t capitulate to her demands in his divorce. She represented the wife, who fired her immediately when she found out this threat was made. So this gay guy, who is quite the scene-maker, told me he did not care if the story was true. WOW. I would instantly disown anyone who did something like that, and I am not even gay. I just have morals, I guess.

      Back to the challenging situation Samantha is facing: look at what is happening across the south, for god’s sake! We have legislatures passing laws about who can crap where instead of governing their states. So she is luckier than shit I am actually a decent person, because if I wanted to, I could make sure she never works again. All I have to do is publish my response, and tag the ever-loving fuck out of it with her name. I can tell you this – she sure as hell would do it to me. Her lawyers would do it to me. So how do they sell themselves that if there is a white and black hat here, I am wearing the black one?

      Honestly, I don’t know how these people manage to brush their teeth in the morning without spitting on the mirror.

  8. NO

    Howdy folks, HR here. HR at a shoe company, as it turns out. I’m here to tell the other HR person that they better not be reading this stuff on company time. I am also here to confirm that if I saw the bar complaint I would not give Samantha a “pass, collect $200 and a job” ticket. No way, no how, not gonna happen.

    Your restraint is admirable, DesCamp, but you are making my job harder. Ha ha. In case anyone wants more evidence on why I wouldn’t hire this person, I’d say it comes down to the critical issue of how someone handles conflict. I read the complaint and your flippin’ brilliant response and in the complaint I saw someone who would be nonstop drama and disturbance and a terrible employee. I can’t bring myself to even imagine having to work for this person for ten minutes.

    By the way I really hope your readers are going back to read all the series of Anatomy of a Disaster because people need to compare what was written there against her bar response. Do I want to work with people who think everyone else is to blame for all their problems and who are so thin-skinned and who react in manners wildly disproportionate to what is really happening? No. NO NO NO NO.

    To your point about diversity here in Stmptown I’d like to say I would love nothing more than to hire a transgendered applicant. My college roommate went through his transition when he was 50 with the full-meal deal: surgery, name change, all of it. I know how hard it has been for him to be accepted and acknowledged for the fantastic engineer he is since he transitioned. I would love to get more applicants like these, but not if they come with this kind of baggage. Stay away from shoe companies, Samantha!

  9. Recruiter

    I saw your Facebook post and wandered on over to leave a comment from an HR professional. I see a couple Nike people beat me to it and wrote much longer comments than I have time for because unlike them, I’m actually working.

    I read your response the day you submitted it. It was shared by a co-worker who has been following your blog for a long time. She was laughing hysterically that day so I popped over to see what was so funny and she had your response up. By the way, she says “hi from your biggest fan!” So anyway I do not work in HR but I am a recruiter. Under no circumstances would I ever pass along this woman’s resume to any of my clients, nor would I assist her if she sought my guidance in securing another position.

    I see nothing but red flags here.

  10. Isaac Laquedem

    I am not an HR person, but I occasionally give advice to people whose positions allow them to hire and fire. I can’t imagine a sensible HR person who had read Samantha’s response to the bar recommending her for a position of responsibility, for a simple reason: people who don’t do right by their children aren’t going to do right by their employer.

  11. Carrie Smith

    “Carrie Smith” here, Sarah’s sister. When Samantha was Sam, he always got stellar reviews. He was a highly compensated, very well-regarded executive. He would occasionally show me some of the work he’d done because he was justifiably proud of it.

    I don’t know what he was like to work with or for, but he wasn’t the hot mess that Samantha has been these last two years.

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