Friday Feedback: Short and Sweet PLUS a Chance to Win a $50 Gift Card!

Welcome to Friday Feedback, our weekly literary pap smear in which we check for cancerous blog problems and if any are found, we promptly ignore them.


I’m taping radio vignettes today and have a deadline for two columns for the new Portland online magazine/newspaper that launches July 15.  More on that soon, I promise!

I also need to work out, prepare for a garage sale (AskDesCamp needs some pin money) and best of all, Mr. Patience and Understanding is taking the afternoon off and we are golfing with my brother and his wife before going to the James Taylor concert.

I am not trying to impress any of you with my busy schedule or brag about my fun afternoon and evening, but rather I am offering you flimsy and meaningless excuses for why today’s blog will be very brief.


OK, first up I got major praise from about 35 guys on A Little Help Here, Please?.  I promised I wouldn’t identify them because they are apparently scared of their wives, so let’s just give you a sampling of a few messages I received:

“I sent your blog to every guy I know.  Thank you for speaking out for us.  Most of our wives don’t work at all and still complain about how little we do to help around the house.  Can you please form a union for husbands? :-)”

“My wife is a realtor who has no listings or clients and yet she complains that I don’t do laundry or make breakfast and pack lunches for the kids.  She spends most of her time shopping on the internet and having lunch or drinks with her friends.  She can’t even find time to exercise but complains about being fat all the time, and gets mad at me for going to the gym before work.  I’m fed up.”


“Have you read The Great American Stay-at-Home Wive’s Conspiracy?  If not, you should.  Better yet, write a book yourself about how so many women complain about their husbands and don’t seem to consider how hard they are working to support the family, PLEASE!”

“I sent your blog to my brothers and friends who have the same problem.  They loved it, I think they are considering making you the leader of a new cult or something. Keep up the great work, Robin.”

That blog generated more feedback than any other I’ve written by a factor of a shit ton.  Clearly I’ve touched a nerve.  Let’s hear from the other side, shall we?  I’m really going to try to be nice, because my parole officer thinks I need to temper my temper.


“Do you hate all women, or just stay-at-home mothers?  You know what I think?  I think you are jealous of these women because you didn’t marry a man successful enough to support your family so you could stay at home with your baby.  I read you went back to work after 8 weeks because you couldn’t handle it.  Shouldn’t that make you MORE supportive of stay-at-home moms instead of always attacking them?  Jealousy is ugly, Robin, and hating women won’t make your stupid blog successful.”

Dear Anonymous Coward:

I keep getting slapped with this misogynist label, and I’m starting to wonder if there may be some truth to the accusation.  Let me think about it for a moment…


I love women.  I am one!

Do I think women should be in charge of all the housework when both spouses work equally hard outside the home?  No.  But the letter-writer had a fairly cushy set-up at home and her husband was working long hours at a miserable job so their dream of retirement could be fulfilled despite the writer’s unilateral decision to reduce the household income by roughly 30%.

As to your assertion I am jealous of women who don’t work, I urge you to consider the possibility that some of us gals are actually driven to succeed at more in life than being a mom.  You should know that my child’s father (“The Canary in a Coal Mine,” as Mr. Patience and Understanding likes to call him) is a very successful businessman in our city and certainly could have supported us if I had not wanted to go back to work.

As for Mr. PU, he is supporting me as I follow this dream, so you are wrong on Husband #2 as well.  I don’t think you thought this through before you sent me that criticism.


Do me a favor, would you please?  Once you finish your Pinterest pinning hours for the day and you’ve given the maid instructions on how to get lipstick off your husband’s collar, look up the definition of the word “jealousy,” because it does not mean what you think it means.  You meant “envy,” dipshit.  I think you spent too much time in school trying to land a husband instead of studying the meaning of basic words.

Also, thanks for being a fan!

That’s all for today, except this:

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