Where’s My Ring?


Dear Readers:

I hope you all made it through the holidays relatively unscathed.  I am slightly scathed, but healing nicely.

As you can see from the photo above, Archie is back to his old tricks and I fear our intervention planned for January 2nd will be useless.  He’s very dedicated to his vices and I am at a loss to understand where his bad habits come from.  But I digress from the business of this blog…

Today’s letter is from Amy, a woman dismayed by the lack of a shiny bauble on her left ring finger.  Please click, read and comment on today’s golocalpdx column here: Where’s My Ring?

I’m back in full force this week, with the exception of taking January 1 to relax and watch the Ducks win the Rose Bowl with Mr. Patience and Understanding, his kids and their betrothed.  It’s our later but more fun version of Christmas dinner, and the only gift I am expecting is a win from our team.

Speaking of the Ducks, have you read this? A Sour Ending to the Heisman Ceremony.

As of today, this is still the #3 story of the month on golocalpdx.com AND the #1 sports story of the year.  Who knew that I, like Elaine Ryan, have a little Bob Ryan inside me?

I received more nasty comments and hate mail on that piece than anything I’ve ever written, with the exception of my oregonlive.com commentary on how a driver would feel if they killed a cyclist.  Want to read that?  Here you go! Reckless Cyclists

It’s interesting to me that both the Heisman and the reckless cyclist pieces are in essence about being kind and considering the feelings of others, and yet both garnered record amounts of hate mail and ugly comments.


If I think too much about what that means for us as a society my depression button will be fully depressed (ha!) and I’ll crawl into bed for two days.  Best that I refocus on tomorrow’s blog and adding a new chapter to my book titled, “Why Do People Suck So Much?”

(This is not to be confused with the chapter titled, “Why Do Most Divorce Lawyers Suck So Much?” which is of course dedicated in love to the Divorce Lawyer Who Shall Not Be Named.)

My numbers skyrocketed last week with the publication of my advice to the mother of an atheist groom.  If you missed it, please click here: Should I Pay for my Atheist Son’s Wedding?  As of today, one full week after publication, it is still in the top 5 for today and #1 for both the past 7 days and the past 30!

I may be wrong, but I suspect this may be the most-read story on their website this year.  I’ll find out for you and depending on the ranking either brag about it or pretend I never brought it up.

As I have mentioned several times before, when you read my work on golocalpdx.com from a mobile platform such as a smart phone or tablet, you cannot comment.  I know, I know, it’s freaking ridiculous.  I’m working on getting that changed but these things take time.

Until I browbeat the owner into seeing things my way, please do me a solid and read and comment from your desktop or laptop, assuming you have one. Like telephone land lines, conservative Democrats and moderate Republicans, I fear the non-mobile devices are becoming a thing of the past.

Happy Monday!  Go Ducks!

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  1. YouCanLeadAHorticulture

    This letter writer’s letter was so depressing. Can you imagine how awkward each and every gift giving holiday must have been between this couple? Just a gaping disappointment each and every time? And I’m kind of wondering if she did get a diamond engagement ring, would she ask if it was fake, and demand to be taken to the jewelry store for testing and an upgrade?

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