Friday Lovin’

Dear Readers:

I was all set this morning to excoriate a woman who spent a great deal of time the other day criticizing me on my Facebook page.  I had the whole thing drafted up and man – it was funny.  Funny as hell.

And then something happened.

My son has a cold but in “Jake the Trooper” style he didn’t want to miss school, so I babied him with pancakes and a ride to school.

This may sound odd and Munchausen-by-Proxy-ish, but as my almost 14-year-old son gets older his occasional bouts with non-serious health issues like a cold are special to me.  

14-year-old boys don’t usually have much time for their moms unless they want something, but when they are sick they are needy and affectionate and we moms get to go back in time to those days when they were utterly dependent upon us.

We had a great talk, and as he exited the car he delivered an especially heartfelt goodbye.

I love you so much, Mom.  Thanks for the special breakfast and taking such good care of me.  I really appreciate it.  Can’t wait to see you tonight.  Have a great golf game and don’t worry – you’ll play awesome!

That got me.  Right to the core.

That moved my mood from good to great and suddenly, I didn’t want to go home and finish my blog making fun of this woman for saying ridiculous things on my Facebook page.  

I didn’t want to start my day and my weekend with a negative push, so instead I bought some flowers and I’m going to finish planting my spring pots before heading out to humiliate myself on the golf course once again.

Sometimes I get carried away when faced with tough words from people who don’t like me and it’s tempting to react in an angry and defensive manner that belies the confidence I have in what I’m doing and the important content of most (but clearly not all) of my writing.

Not today.

Today I plant flowers in pots, I go for a run, I finish Chapter 4, and I play some golf.  Today, I celebrate the positive and the amazing possibilities of what I can create for my future if I just keep at it.

Besides, it’s not cool to make fun of retarded people.


PS: If you need a laugh: go to my page here Robin Fights with an Idiot and look for my post on Bruce Jenner and what makes a hero a hero.


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  1. mike descamp

    Good on ‘ya, Robin. Reminds me of the fable about the black dog and the white dog, fighting for control of one’s soul. The one that wins is the one you feed.
    Sleazy divorce attorneys and idiots and naysayers will always be with us. Perfect May 1st afternoons and loving children, not so much. We have to cherish them while we have the time.

  2. Margaret Eccles


  3. Courtenay McKelligon

    Bravo to you! Focus on your boy, your man and your golf game – it’s too sunny to dwell on negative!

  4. Kathleen J

    Great friday!!!! Thanks for the positive message!!!!

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