Just Because You’re Paranoid, That Doesn’t Mean They Aren’t After You.

Dear Readers:

What a wild and wacky few days we’ve had here at the headquarters of robindescamp.com!  I have gone from feeling a bit like Don Quixote to identifying more with Paul Revere these days.  

Here is a breakdown of what occurred since Thursday last week:

What the Hell is Going On Over There?

On Thursday afternoon I was locked out of Facebook for violating their “Terms of Use,” hereinafter referred to as “TOU.”

It seems I was reported for misconduct, specifically “unauthorized account use” and “harassment,” for making fun of brutally stupid and nonsensical advertising efforts by my favorite DICK (Divorce Industrial Complex Kingpin) in Portland.

This stuff makes Sarah Palin’s word salads look brilliant by comparison.  I actually had a few people accuse me of making them up: they thought the advertisements were meant to be a joke.

Because Facebook is run by robots and sociopaths, it took a while for them to actually look at my page, determine it violated no TOU, and get it back up and running on Friday afternoon.  

This did not make the braying donkey and her office full of flying monkeys happy.  I’ve been told that the donkey looked up to the heavens and screamed my name in fury.

So Then What Happened?

The next step?  Reporting my page for containing nudity when I simply posted “I’m back!  Nice try, bitches.”


And finally the flying monkeys, last seen at work purchasing clicks in a pretend, supposed-to-be-for-fun election (I’ll explain that one in another blog), tried to may have attempted to hack into my blog site.


I won’t know the details until later today, but Saturday afternoon someone made repeated attempts to break into my website by guessing the password.  Unfortunately for them they never tried “ChildCenteredSolutionsIsBullshit.”

Google is your friend.  I don’t have time to explain that one.

I Don’t Have Time for This Nonsense

I have exactly three weeks from today to finish How to Get Divorced Without Losing Your Kids, Your Money and Your Mind: a Holistic and Practical Guide to Marital Dissolution and Family Reorganization.  I have completed 7 chapters, outlined the 8th (which should be completed by tomorrow), and have 2 more after that.

This book is going to change people’s lives for the better but only if I actually finish it.  I will no longer be distracted by games of wit with an opponent who is not simply unarmed but actually cannot locate the battlefield.

The advice blog will be published as often as possible but please bear with me as I go full speed to meet my deadline.  

In addition, I am seeking both horror stories and uplifting stories about divorce.  Please contact me immediately at robin@robindescamp.com if you are willing to share.  I do not have to use your real name but I will need to verify your story.

Specific topics include (but are not limited to):

  • co-parenting experiences
  • divorce lawyers (you were either a client or employee)
  • love after divorce
  • starting over
  • how to tell the kids
  • how to become friends with someone who hurt you
  • getting over the guilt of divorce
  • friends taking sides

Lastly, I am also looking for WTF documents from divorce: pieces of paper with words written upon them that made you stop in your tracks and say, “What the Fuck?”

Tomorrow I will be writing about a man who made a decision years ago to stay in a very unhappy marriage and now has deep regrets.  Be sure to tune in!



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  1. Larraine

    Glad you got your page back, hopefully she will get laryngitis from all the screaming, bitch much?! Also as an addicted reader of your wit and wisdom I can assure you your regular blog will be missed but have no doubt in my mind that the book will be awesome and ground breaking so certainly worth it. Congratulations Lady.

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