Ohman Robin

Where’s Waldo? Is He with Robin?

Dear Readers:

Please stop sending me emails demanding new blog material.  While it warms my cockles (!) that you miss me, writing has become a very difficult thing to do lately.

I’ll provide more insight next week, but to give you a little peek inside my world right now:

  • I am a sole proprietor of a business started just six months ago.
  • I am still adjusting to my new home and the responsibility of paying for everything on my own.
  • I am sore as hell from kicking myself for getting in the position where the bullet point immediately above this one had to be written.
  • I cannot spare money for an attorney, so I representing myself against a team of lawyers.  I have a hearing next month to ask the judge to award me temporary suit money so I can be on equal footing with the other side.  Sure, I’m a great lawyer, but representing yourself in a divorce when you are new to litigation is about as wise as conducting your own vasectomy immediately upon graduating from medical school.  I don’t even want “equal footing,” per se.  I just need enough money to hire one lawyer, not the cadre of litigators currently representing (ironically named, as it turns out) Mr. Patience and Understanding.  Unfortunately, I’d probably be more likely to win the hearing if I… (wait for it, wait for it…) had a lawyer.
  • picture-1
  • That hearing was actually scheduled for this week, which would have been much better given my situation, especially as juxtaposed with that of the formerly patient and understanding man with whom I used to reside. Would you like to know why it was cancelled?  That is a story so interesting and telling that it deserves its own blog.  You will read about that next week, along with some fun facts about my house that were surprising to discover after I moved in, to say the least.
  • Christmas is coming.  If you have read my blog for a while or know me personally, you know what that means for me.
  • Archie, who had successfully completed rehab and landed a job as a security guard at Target, fell off the wagon after the election.  He was fired and arrested when he went to work drunk and bit (in the balls, mind you) a customer who had the temerity to ask him for his papers and threatened to have him deported.  It seems we are all living in Trump’s world now.
  • Margot has changed her politics since the election and has become a white nationalist.  She says she only now realizes how disadvantaged she has been all these years, and is indignant that she has to share her home with an undocumented immigrant.


(“If that little brown man is going to live here, he should at least be required to bring me supper”)

That’s the not-so-great news.  Here’s the good news!

  • Jake continues to be the most uplifting and inspirational person in my life. His kindness, warmth, and sense of humor keep me going when things slide into difficult territory.  He adjusted quickly to our new life, which wasn’t too surprising given the circumstances, and has exhibited a consistently positive attitude since the world turned upside down in June.
  • I am enjoying my work a great deal!  I found out I am actually very skilled in the courtroom, something that surprised me.  While I’d much rather spend my time negotiating settlements than going to court, my fear of standing in front of a judge (perhaps created in college when I had to do just that – but that’s another blog entirely) has been totally eradicated.
  • My team of angels – friends who have stood by me and helped me through some very difficult times – continue to inspire me to be a better friend and citizen of this world.  In exchange for their love and support, they let me give them mine.  Most important, we all truly appreciate one another.  If you’ve ever been in relationships in which you feel unappreciated, you know just how rewarding someone’s gratitude for your efforts on their behalf can be.
  • The ridiculous bar complaint filed against me in March by an angry reader was finally dismissed.  Now that it has been dismissed, I am posting my response to the bar complaint here today.  Please note the changes in my life and attitude about practicing law again if you have the chance to read it. What a difference a few months can make!  I reviewed it yesterday and was shocked at the number of profound changes in my life that have developed in the past nine months, and yet: all is good.  You can download it by clicking the link below:


Not only did I receive that insane bar complaint, but Basic Rights Oregon decided to pile on as well.  We will address that complaint (dismissed along with this one) and my response to it next week.

This is a brief update but next week I will be much more specific and I will deal with a question from an attorney letter-writer who asks:

What are my legal obligations to report another attorney for conduct that may be illegal?  What are my obligations to report myself if I know someone has broken the law, used my son to do it, and I did nothing?  

It’s a good one, so be sure to stay tuned!


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  1. Sabina

    An update! Finally! Stay strong and don’t forget you are awesome! Even if you have to represent yourself I bet you will do a super job, so don’t worry.

  2. Meg

    …aaaaaand she’s back, with all the sass and attitude we’ve come to know and love. Keep it up, you. You’re doing great. And keep us posted!

  3. PDX Attorney

    Robin, I assume you’ve seen this:
    ORS 107.095 Provisions court may make after commencement of suit and before judgment:

    (1) After the commencement of a suit for marital annulment, dissolution or separation and until a general judgment therein, the court may provide as follows:

    (a) That a party pay to the other party such amount of money as may be necessary to enable the other party to prosecute or defend the suit, including costs of expert witnesses, and also such amount of money to the other party as may be necessary to support and maintain the other party.

    While on the one hand it’s hard to believe this individual is proceeding in this manner, I do not understand why he isn’t offering you suit money. When given the choice between going up against your run-of-the-mill divorce attorney and you, I’d be shoveling suit money your way by the truckload.


  4. Kathy

    I’ll be brief:
    What an asshole. He sucks. You rule.

  5. Robin DesCamp

    Thank you to everyone. I just got this message on Facebook from a woman I haven’t seen for about 30 years, reminding me that angels are everywhere!

    Hi Robin- While I know we aren’t in touch and close, to me it doesn’t matter-I am so sorry for all the crap you are going through with your life being turned upside down. It is such a rotten feeling and I wish you didn’t have to experience this mess. I’ve been there and it sucks. Please remember that the true Robin is still in there. Sometimes all the ick of divorce and change with kids and the horrible mud that gets slung can almost bury a person alive. You will rise out of the rubble even if you feel you need a excavator to get you out…you will.

    I can’t claim to know you or what you need or how you feel, but I do know this from your posts …you are a fantastic writer, a loving mother and have great tenacity to pull yourself up and take a step forward even if it is a small step one day and a big one another. To see you writing again put a huge smile on my face…as you shine when you write, it comes through as your passion. From someone who has gone through the mud and felt like she lost herself–please know you haven’t, the even better you is just in a phase of metamorphosis.

    You have strength in your convictions and tenderness in your heart….and man oh man that alone will carry you. If you ever doubt it, take one look at your fantastic kid. If you ever need anything, please don’t hesitate to ask.

  6. Dream Lady

    It only took the OSB a mere 8+ months to determine this ludicrous complaint was a complete waste of everyone’s time and money? I hope you get an apology from BRO for jumping on a loony bin’s bandwagon without doing one iota of research! Shame on them! Was the other lawyer’s complaint dismissed, too?

    Thank you for posting your bar response. I hadn’t read it in many months and it was still just as entertaining as it was the first time! Has Sam been hired, yet, do you know? I don’t imagine companies have been beating down her door to hire her these last 13 months.

    Glad to learn that your life is definitely on the up swing, my Dear! Don’t forget, “They go low, we go high”! Best of luck~

  7. Emily Post

    Thank you for sharing. Don’t give on yourself, you will be fine! You and your son and your dogs are better off without a “man” who would treat you this way. You know who this is so email me and let me know when the hearing will be because I want to be there.

    1. Robin DesCamp

      Thank you! I will be posting later about the hearing date and time but I’ll tell you now it’s January 4 and the more support the better. I’d love to see some friends there to give me confidence as I go up against two 35+ year litigators with nothing but my belief in myself, my position, and my top-notch brain.

  8. Churchill Dinner

    I met you at the AC last Thursday. You lit up the place, your toast was wonderful, and you made LL look like the petty jerk he is. You’d be a shining addition to the place so can we trade you for Tom in the divorce?

    1. Robin DesCamp

      How nice, thank you! I love the AC but membership not for me. I’m focused on the basics. I have a terrible flu so if we shook hands, I either apologize to you for getting you sick or I am angry at you for getting me sick.

      1. Signal Mixer

        You may not be interested in membership at AC, but after your sparkling toast at the Churchill Dinner any number of members will gladly invite you to be their guest at the club any time you like.

  9. Signal Mixer

    Also, just because a new medical graduate shouldn’t start his surgical training by doing his own vasectomy (no gender-neutral pronoun needed here) doesn’t excuse Archie trying to do one. Archie needs to learn the limits on his license.

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