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Should Stepdad Get Parenting Time?

(Today I give the readers the question, and tomorrow comes the answer!)  

Dear Robin:

I was in a ten-year relationship and marriage with a man (“Jim”) who recently left the marriage abruptly.  

I’m not sure exactly what put the final nail in the coffin of our marriage, but the last fight we had was because I could not believe my son Brian was not invited to my stepson’s rehearsal dinner.

Jim waited until over week after he left to say anything to my 15-year-old son, and when he did, he texted him goodbye and told him “take care of your mom.”

He has been gone for two months and recently told me it is my duty to facilitatate a relationship between him and my son.  Given his historical treatment (ignoring) of Brian, I found the idea odd.  This was the biggest issue for me during the marriage.  I begged him for years to spend time with Brian but for years he refused.

So should I make this happen?  

My kid doesn’t ever want to see him again and Jim is blaming that on me.  So what do I owe Jim and Brian in this situation?  What is the right thing to do?


The details of this case are remarkable so be sure to tune in tomorrow to find out just how much time and love Jim gave Brian over the years, Brian’s thoughts on the matter, and why “too little, too late” is sometimes the case when someone tries to repair a broken relationship.

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  1. Gentle Guide

    If Jim can maintain a relationship with his own son without his first wife being involved, then he ought to be able to build and maintain a relationship with his stepson without needing help from his second wife. As an alternative explanation, perhaps Jim was never that good at building personal relationships to begin with, which is why the tally of his ex-wives has been mounting up.

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