Moving Spaces and Places

Dear Readers:

Are you still there?  Do you still read this?  Or is this a silent shout into an empty and cold universe?

I choose to believe despite my recent lack of blog output, some of you are still tuning in. Here is my update:

  1. Very suddenly Jake and I are moving, effective tomorrow morning, so I’ve been frantically culling and packing my belongings.  The dogs, unfortunately, are coming with us.  We four are stuck with each other.
  2. Ditto regarding my office.  Seeing as how I have a home office, that shouldn’t be too surprising.
  3. I traveled to Eugene this weekend with The Canary in a Coal Mine and The Pistol to watch the Ducks be eviscerated by the Washington Huskies.  Well played, my UW friends, well played.  Despite the slaughter, a good time was had by all.  Ducks and Dawgs frolicked together, some more than others, and it reminded me that even the ugliest of rivalries and relationships can come to a peaceful and joyous resolution.
  4. Last night I watched the debate with my favorite debate-watching friends and was genuinely surprised Donald made no attempt to grab Hillary’s…well…you know.

As all of you should know unless you still reside in your mother’s uterus, moving is hard.  It is backbreaking and heartbreaking work that forces you to come to terms with the past, accept the present, and imagine positive things for the future.  

Moving is one of the most significant life stressors, along with changing jobs and getting divorced.


(I have always had impeccable timing)

Not much surprises me right now – not the presidential election, not the miserable actions of people all around the world, not the inaction of people that can be equally hurtful and destructive, and not the sudden arrival of dozens of gray hairs that were most decidedly not invited to my hairline.

However, one thing has surprised me a great deal:

I have had the unexpected joy and luck to meet a few people recently who have truly acted as angels for me and my son during this transition.

I’m not going to name or describe them here, as that is for another time.  What I will note is that with each of these very special people, we were and are helping one other enormously in symbiotic ways, each according to our talents and abilities.

I’m afraid I am taking more than I am giving from these angels but in time I will balance the scales and do whatever they need to help them in equal or greater measure.  My heart is filled with appreciation and admiration for all of them because I honestly do not know how I could be getting through this time without their love, patience, and assistance.

I encourage each of my readers, all 34 of you, to examine and explore how you could be an angel in someone else’s life.  Take a critical look around you.  Of your friends, who do you see that could use a hand?  Not a damned text message that reads: “I’m here if you need me!” but actual help.  

You will get more out of your halo and wings than you will give, I promise you.

Major life changes are not always good and not always bad, but they are almost universally complex and difficult.  My best work and life are ahead of me but first I must emerge from the chrysalis composed of moving boxes, legal documents, and all this change.  


Stay with me.  I can see great things ahead.  

Can you?



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  1. YouKnow

    “I’m here if you need me!”

  2. E.F.

    Robin –

    As someone who is also going through a major life remodel… I echo the sentiments you have expressed above.

    Thank you for being one of the people supporting me!

  3. tamsen

    Hang in there Robin. This too shall pass. You’re strong, smart, resourceful and have a great perspective on life. “It’ll be OK in the end, and if it’s not yet OK, then it’s not the end.”

  4. Larraine

    I can’t imagine deserting you Robin so I can’t imagine any of your other readers leaving you either. We knew you were going through a massive life change so to leave would show a complete lack of empathy and an utter absence of heart. You have so much heart that your readers must have also ( else why would they read your fabulous work? )

  5. A Loyal Fan

    I’m here for you – I wish I were closer.

  6. Signal mixer

    To know you is to love you.

  7. Cousin Eddie

    This is a terrific column. You’re not a voice crying out into an empty universe (or the wilderness or a desert for that matter). You’ve inspired us, Robin. I’m sure my 33 fellow readers will act as angels toward you and others.

    Don’t worry about taking too much. The ebb and flow of give and take usually finds a way to balance itself. Relationships don’t always have to be quid pro quo in a Hannibal Lecter/Clarice Starling kind of way. They should evolve so that everyone benefits in good times and in bad. Maybe the favor you return isn’t directly to the person you received one from. Maybe it’s you paying it forward to someone else.

    A rising tide raises all boats, so we should all be helping each other. Some people are good at asking for help; others loathe it. Some are good for the obligatory “I’m here if you need me” text while others actually mean that they’ll help. The trick is to learn to recognize when a friend, family member, co-worker, or just a random person on the street needs a hand up or just someone to listen to them rant, vent, or cry. It’s also to take people up on their offers to help, even if it comes from the obligatory text.

    That’s all I’ve got to say about that.

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