Do Something Nice Today

Dear Readers:

I have almost no time to write the blog this morning, as I race to finish some chapter rewrites and get ready for my catering gig.

However, I will take a few moments to implore that you do something nice for someone else today. Look around you: surely there is some good you can bring to another person?

Leading by example and taking a moment to humblebrag, feast your eyes upon my good (and uncompensated) deeds this week:

  • I am working with an unemployed man who is being threatened by the State of Oregon because he cannot pay his alimony. His child support is fully paid and current but he cannot manage his adult baby welfare. For that “crime,” the state is seeking to suspend his driver’s license. Because nothing helps the unemployed in their job search than being unable to drive, am I right?
  • I continue to work with a veteran to help him find a job. He was summarily and without explanation terminated from his position as facilities manager by the most notorious and hated divorce lawyer in Portland. Interestingly, he told me that in all his combat tours he never toiled within a more stressful or ugly work environment. If you have anything at your company, even part-time or temporary work, please email me at
  • I offered yesterday to help a gentleman I met at the courthouse enforce his parenting time.

That last one deserves more of an explanation.

Yesterday I was at the courthouse doing research for final edits on the book. As it turns out, what I uncovered was so disturbing and voluminous that it warrants a tome of its own: “Stories from the Family Frontline: Divorces from Hell and the Waging of War by American Lawyers.”

But enough about me.  More about me!

Robin and Brad, Chapter One

I visited the family court clerk to check out some forms and ask a few questions, and while I was waiting in line a man I’ll call “Brad” was filing paperwork for enforcement of parenting time.  After he finished, I asked if we could speak for a moment.

I told Brad I’m writing a book on divorce and I was interested in his story. He told me against his wishes his ex-wife moved to the midwest with their child. As a compromise, they agreed she would send the child back to Portland for a one-week visit twice a year.

It won’t surprise you to learn Mom hasn’t complied with the order.

After two years of pleading with Mom and making several trips to see his child that he can ill-afford due to a disability, he finally came down to the courthouse to file his pro se paperwork so he can see his own damn kid.

That’s right, ladies and gentleman: Brad had to pay a $50 filing fee and has to wait until November for a hearing in which he will have to represent himself (his ex can afford an attorney, he cannot). During this hearing he will plead for a judge to write an order demanding that Mom obey another order written by another judge.

And so it goes, on and on and on.

I gave Brad my email address and offered to help. I hope to hear from him so I can assist him with this ridiculous process.

Your Marching Orders!

It’s simple. Do something nice for someone in need.

  • Buy a homeless person a sandwich.
  • Help your neighbor with a project.
  • Make a donation to your favorite charity. 
  • Volunteer your time.
  • Cook a meal for someone who is sick or injured.

There are countless other examples I could note but as I said, I’m in a rush today. 

I would be thrilled if you left a comment telling me about your good deed for the day. Have a great weekend, everyone!


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  1. Keithe Stone

    It is a sad state of affairs (haha no pun intended X-wife, get it affair?…) when forced adult adoption awards become punitive. Goddes help that man!

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