Book Update and Excerpt!

Dear Lovelies:

It’s nearly finished.  And I changed the title!

Divorce by Design: How to Split Without Losing Your Mind, Your Money and Your Kids is almost done.  My labor of love is nearing the birth phase, and as my literary cervix stretches to ten I am feeling no pain.

I am writing the last chapter this week, having been sidelined from finishing the book a couple of weeks ago because an interested publisher wanted the synopsis, author’s note and first three chapters for review.  Obviously those had to be perfected and edited and then perfected again.

An interested publisher.  

Pardon me for a moment.


While it is entirely possible that publisher may ultimately pass on this project, the mere fact they are reading my blog and like what they see enough to want a preview of the book is thrilling beyond description.  


Not only that, but as I’ve mentioned before I’ve written the equivalent of over ten books in the past two years on this blog.  That’s kind of a big deal, don’t you think?

Thank you for sticking with me on this journey.  Please be patient as I enter the delivery room because the blog will suffer a bit during the book’s finalization.

One more favor: if you have not subscribed to the blog yet, please do so.  That way you’ll get it in your email inbox every day at 11:00 Pacific.  What a wonderful thing!

Thank you to Sprout, The Canary in a Coal Mine, and The Pistol for inspiring me to share our story.  

To Mr. Patience and Understanding I can only say this:

I literally (LOL) could not have done this without you.  Thank you one million times from the bottom of my heart.  As this book soars to and remains at the top of the New York Times Best Sellers list for months, nay, years to come, you can take pride in the fact it never would have happened if not for you.*  

And now for a preview of what will surely be published soon by a major New York publishing firm!

Book Preview from Chapter Two (“Should I Hire a Pit bull divorce lawyer?”)

(The following comes at the end of the chapter describing why selecting a nasty and contentious lawyer hurts the client, their children and their pocketbook)

At this point you are probably asking yourself:

Can’t I conflict out the bad lawyers, Robin? That seems like a cool, sneaky thing you would advise!

Some lawyers have such a bad reputation as Pit bull problem-causers (instead of problem-solvers) that spouses will try to make sure those Pit bulls are shut out of their case by conflicting them out.

“Conflicting out” an attorney means hiring them for an initial consult and disclosing confidential information during that meeting while at the same time having no intention to hire them. Once that confidential information is disclosed, state legal ethics rules should prevent that lawyer from representing the other spouse due to a conflict of interest.

When I was researching this book I came across a local newspaper article about conflicting out counsel. The piece detailed how a notorious Pit bull kennel and puppy mill is addressing this issue by drafting legally and ethically questionable documents and having people sign them during a first meeting.

These documents claim to deny the existence of an attorney-client relationship despite the fact that confidential information would have certainly been shared during an initial consult and despite the fact that money changed hands.

“If you don’t retain us for your divorce, we can represent your spouse” is the point of the contract. 

Attorneys who use this sleazy method say that it’s needed because they are such amazing and effective lawyers that the opposing spouse will do anything to make certain they aren’t part of the case. Pardon me while I point out the obvious:

If the Pit bull were as good a lawyer as they claim to be they would not have this problem. Truly effective counsel find clients racing to retain them, not to conflict them out.


Article linked here: Spurious Spin Spun Superbly.



*I guess that prenup wasn’t such a good idea on your part…


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