Falsely Accused of Child Abuse During Divorce

Dear Readers:

This is one of the most serious letters I’ve received since I began writing advice for people crazy enough to take it.

It sickens me that people stoop to this level in divorce, but they do.  Because this subject needs more research than my average “my friends are being mean to me” email, I’m going to start with posting the question.  My response will come in the next day or two.

I urge anyone reading this who has been through similar false accusations to leave a comment or email me at robin@robindescamp.com with your story.  False abuse allegations are about the ugliest of the many ugly tactics preferred by DICKS (Divorce Industrial Complex Kingpins).

It happens more often than you would imagine.  I think there is a special place in the hell I don’t believe in for these people.

Dear Robin:

I am going through what is best described as pure hell.  My wife filed for a divorce and when I didn’t bend over immediately and agree to all her demands, things got ugly.

As I type these words to you I still cannot believe this is happening to me.  She and her lawyer have recently accused me of physically and sexually assaulting my daughter.  Words cannot describe the horror of these accusations which are absolutely false.  

My wife hinted that her lawyer is an “expert” in these tactics and if I would just agree to their proposal all this would go away.

I am now being investigated by the police and the state and I know they will find nothing because I have done nothing wrong but in the meantime it is all I can think about.  My girlfriend is an attorney and she suggests suing my wife once all this is over for the false claims, defamation, and whatever else we can think of.

What would you do?  And do you think I need a criminal defense lawyer?


Dear Accused:

I am reaching out to some experts on this subject so please stay tuned.  

Welcome to the worst kind of divorce – the kind that puts you and your family in a mill and grinds you up into tiny bits that translate into DICK dollars.



You have my deepest sympathies.  I’ll be back soon with an answer for you, and check your email inbox because I have several questions for you.

Readers, again, PLEASE email me or leave a comment if you have any experience with this issue or suggestions for Accused.  I don’t usually crowd source the blog but I’d like to get as many cooks in this kitchen as possible.


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  1. Keith Stone

    I spent many hours (countless)…and still do after divorce dealing with a drama queen that likes to make shit up.. now that being said I wish I had these pieces of advise early in the process…

    1. I’m not religious, but read the story of Job. This is the mindset you have to assume because it is pure hell, and you will survive…
    2. If you did nothing wrong, find strength there.
    2. Stop caring as much and get emotionally stabilized, don’t let her push your buttons – prepare to fight back.
    3. Be glad you are divorcing this person – she doesn’t deserve you, your life will be better, it will.
    4. DO NOT AGREE TO ANYTHING IN WRITING BETWEEN LAWYERS IN THEIR OFFICES. Go to court and tell a judge your story…
    5. Put on your seatbelt, its the ride of your life.


  2. Kathy

    My ex-husband murdered my pet and threatened my family. He told his lawyer his behavior was directly related to my cocaine use. MY LAWYER told me this in a meeting in his office, and he..kind of looked at me strangely. So, when I left the office I immediately went to an out-patient lab and paid 80 dollars for a comprehensive blood drug toxicity screen. Dated and time-stamped results in hand at next meeting with my lawyer. You can, sometimes, prove a negative.

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