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Anatomy of a Disaster Part 1, Scene 2: Let’s Get Something Straight, Bub.

UPDATE (March 17):

You will see when you read the comments below I believed Samantha was behind some of them.  She insists she is not, and has filed a bar complaint against me that includes my assumption.  I would like to state unequivocally I do not know the identity of the commenter and I may very well have been mistaken when I assumed it was Samantha.  My apologies if I was wrong.

Dear Readers:

Before I continue with this story, I’d like to get something on the record.

Some Background

All of the information you will read in this series came from research (which is ongoing) and conversations with Sarah that occurred late last year and in early January.

Sarah and I met when a mutual friend on Facebook introduced us.  This mutual friend saw some of my posts about the firm that represented the husband in this case and, knowing what a terrible time Sarah was having dealing with that firm, directed her to my page.

That was in October, 2015, long after the trial you will later read about which concluded in May, 2015.

Now, these dates are important because a lawyer will  lie misrepresent to a judge in a post-trial fee petition hearing (hereinafter referred to as the “FPH”) about when Sarah and I met.  That lawyer will further lie misrepresent when she tells that judge I contacted her Stockholm Syndrome-suffering client Samantha during the trial.

Why is my name, fabulous and exciting though it may be, being discussed at the FPH?  

Simmer down, my darlings – that is coming up in a later blog.  And what a delicious blog it will be, in which I will describe the single-most cringe-worthy incident of poor lawyering that may have ever occurred in the great state of Oregon.


(get it?)

Facts are Fun!

Not only did I not contact Samantha during the trial, I have NEVER contacted Samantha.

I have been told Samantha testified at the FPH that I contacted her during the trial and told her to sue her lawyers*, which would have been a neat trick since I didn’t know about this case until months after the trial was complete.  I am receiving the audio transcripts today and will review to confirm, but if those transcripts say what I am told they will say, that’s perjury.

And the lawyer who elicited that testimony?  Well, we here in legal circles like to call that “suborning perjury.”  

That’s naughty behavior.  Very, very naughty.  If true, one could argue it would be a violation of your Diversion Agreement.  Tsk, tsk, Captain Hook.  Tsk, tsk!

At the very least, the lawyer made no effort to substantiate this outrageous claim.  If she had, she would have known it was false, or as we in legal circles like to say, “utter bullshit.”

Who Controls What Around These Here Parts

When I began this series, Samantha accused Sarah of feeding me personal information on an ongoing basis and ruining her life, despite the fact I am using pseudonyms.  That’s a little narcissistic, wouldn’t you agree?

Samantha made repeated demands that Sarah stop talking to me and is suffering under the misconception that Sarah has the power to make this blog go away.  Sarah, understandably upset, reached out to me and asked what she should do.

I suggested she have Samantha contact me, because the only person with editorial power around here besides me is the Grim Reaper, and I’m sorry to disappoint some of you out there but I am a very healthy woman.  

In fact, today marks the 59th day of my workout streak, something husband’s counsel, and I do mean all 11 of them(!), should do a little more of.

Yay, me!


In other words, I’m still writing about this case.  

I will also be writing in-depth about another disastrous case soon, and the parties can’t stop that series either.  However, I will do them the same courtesy I did for this family and not use their real names.  I will use the names of the lawyers, of course, but not the family.

Samantha has chosen to continue emailing Sarah about my blog, obviously to create a record for future litigation.  Trust me, there will be future litigation. People who love drama and attention thrive on this shit, and the lawyers love the money (even if they do mock this client when she isn’t around, according to a former employee of the firm who has commented on this series).

So, herewith I am stating FOR THE RECORD, the following:

I have put a lot of work into this series and nobody, including Sarah, can make me cease publication.  This case needs to be heard, discussed, and learned from.

I told Sarah when we met that once the train pulled out of the station, it was a straight shot to the final period.  

I asked her some questions about the marriage so I could go beyond the court records and give the story a human element.  She agreed and spoke with me but I have since told her I do not want to discuss her case for fear Samantha will somehow use it against her.

I’m a real lightening rod, have you noticed?

Samantha, if you would care to contact me directly with your concerns, please do.  You can reach me at robin@robindescamp.com.  

In the meantime, your complaints to your ex-wife are futile, misdirected, and unfair.  I suggest you focus your energies elsewhere.  

Coming up next week:

The Box, the Lies, and the Unraveling


*By the way, you should sue your lawyers.  They ripped you off, in my humble opinion, and even got you to hire their accountant as your own.  Now that’s a full-service firm.

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  1. Biggest Fan!

    How the hell does this guy think anyone is going to connect the dots back to him? Talk about paranoid. What an idiot.

    1. Robin DesCamp

      Please use gender-appropriate pronouns here. Not only is it disrespectful not to do so, if you don’t and you are a lawyer, Samantha will file a bar complaint against you for being mean. True story. Samantha is not an idiot, but from what I can gather she does think the world revolves around her and she needs to be the center of attention wherever she goes. The fact is that someone would have to go to some length to figure out who this series is about, and even then, so what? She is an out and proud transgendered woman, AS SHE SHOULD BE, so what is the big secret here? That she got shafted by her lawyers? That’s no secret either. Whomever is counting her money certainly knows that.

      1. Thomas

        Most writers will put up both TRUE sides of the story, sounds to me that the woman writing this book thinks the world revolves around her, I haven’t seen someone so involved in her own accomplishments, I’m sorry but the Reaper spares no-one, at least that is what my attorney Larry Wobrock has told me,

        1. NYC

          Right?! Samantha should let Robin know her side of the story. Clearly Sarah is cuckoo and Samantha must have stories of her own, like what a horrible, selfish person Sarah was by staying home to raise their children and provide them a loving home while Dad was out of town playing Samantha (while still Sam) and pissing away their childhood (and college savings?) to satisfy his own narcissistic needs. Speak your truth, Samantha. Here is a forum. You love the attention, go ahead.

        2. Robin DesCamp


          I’ll answer your comment in the order of the “points” you made.

          1. It is hardly uncommon for writers to tell a story from one side. Have you ever heard the terms “biography” or “autobiography” or “historical” or any number of other descriptions of books?

          2. While you are looking up those terms, please look up the words “book” and “blog,” for they are very different. Of course, if someone wants me to make this into a full-blown book I certainly will.

          3. How exactly do you surmise I think the world revolves around me? I’m very curious so please explain. Perhaps we can meet for coffee.

          4. While we are there you can also tell me why someone who writes a blog and is finishing a book while working on radio deals is “so involved in her own accomplishments.” Part of this blog is an autobiographical account of how I moved from a career I hated to something I love. My readers like to stay informed on what’s going on with that change. Certainly you like to read the blog.

          5. The Reaper indeed will come knocking some day, hopefully not before I finish all I plan to accomplish (and write about, just to annoy you). Is that a threat? Because I am pretty good at defending myself.

          6. You spelled your attorney’s name wrong. Also, I doubt he is your attorney since he is retired. He’s a friend of Mr. Patience and Understanding and a great guy. I’m not sure why you name-checked him here, perhaps you can explain when we meet for coffee.

          1. Robin DesCamp

            Readers: Samantha insists she did not write any comments on the blog, so my assumptions could very well be wrong. I apologize if that is the case.

        3. P-Town

          Thomas, spend five minutes with Samantha, and she will drown you with stories of her success.

          PS This is a blog, not a book.

  2. Me too.

    I have a question for Sarah: How are you doing? My husband transitioned two years ago and it was very difficult. One would think the person ending the marriage because they had lied about who they were for decades would do their best to be non-combative in a divorce. That was not the case and I feel like it may be years before I get over what happened. I wish you well.

  3. Lawyers in Love.

    You have a fan club here at our firm. We are thinking of organizing “Robin Blog Parties” in which everyone will be called to the conference room and popcorn served every time you post. ESPECIALLY about this case and firm. Can you hear us cheering you on? By the way, what’s the story with the “expert” Menashe?

    1. Robin DesCamp

      The blog on “expert” Menashe is forthcoming. I’ll just say this: If you are purporting to be an “expert” on legal fees in a legal fee hearing, should you be required to review the billing statements to determine whether they are reasonable? Because I think that is a no-brainier.

      1. Lawyers in Love.

        One thing is for certain: he is an “expert” in tooting his own horn and charging the clients to listen to him do it. He is also an “expert” in nepotism and that is why his son, a bumbling closeted arrogant ass, is running the firm.

  4. Bud

    I know Samantha and Sarah and I can personally attest to Samantha’s self-centeredness, lack of insight and empathy toward others, and her seemingly relentless desire to prolong this divorce. Thank you for using aliases for the involved parties, especially the children.

    1. Thomas

      As do I

    2. Thomas

      I believe Sarah has her own problems, there is certainly not “perfect people” as she is being put into the light as a wounded duck, she knew yrs into this relationship, was even supporting at one time, how long was the first pregnancy as to the marriage? My question is did Sam feel like she had to do the “right thing?” By Sarah? That would be a sort of entrapment.

      1. NYC

        Sarah certainly is not perfect, none of us are. I don’t think she is claiming to be perfect, she owns her shortcomings. If only Samantha had the strength to do the same.

        The Morris’ married nine months before the birth of their son. Do the math. The wedding was planned long before the actual nuptials date, so a pregnancy disgrace argument is moot. If any party is guilty of entrapment, I’d look at the person who presented as one gender while knowing he/she* wanted to live as another.

        * don’t sue me if I use the wrong pronoun.

      2. Robin DesCamp

        What an odd comment. Nobody is painting Sarah as perfect in this series. As for the pregnancy jab – NYC does the math for you.

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