Anatomy of a Disaster: We Interrupt this Program for an Announcement!

Dear Readers:


The response I have received to this series has been amazing.  I thank each and every one of you for not only tuning in, but emailing me your comments, critique, and admonitions to hurry up and get the next installment posted.

In case you are one of the 723 people in the world who are NOT following this blog and this series, please catch up by reading each of the entries in order via the links below.

1. Cast of Characters

2. Sarah’s Story

3. Let’s Get Something Straight

4. The Box, the Lies, and the Unraveling

I am currently working hard on Part Two, Scene One:

The Divorce from Hell.

As I move into this part of the story, things get more complicated.  

I am reviewing hundreds, nay, thousands of pages of legal filings and other documents.  Reducing everything down into a readable, informative and delicious blog sauce is difficult and time consuming, but I am up the task!

So what’s my announcement, you query?

It’s more of an explanation/excuse than an announcement, but I thought “announcement” sounded better.  As I mentioned, I am getting a lot of messages asking me to update the story more often.

My hope was to post the new installment today, but my time this morning has been spent reviewing yet another motion filed yesterday by Sarah’s ex-husband Samantha and her Diversion-Agreement-Suffering Lawyer Captain Laurel Hook.

Certain types of lawyers will work a file harder than a crack-addicted stripper works a pole.


This firm and lawyer exemplify that analogy.

The crack is the continued billing.  The pole is the client and the client’s family, including the children Samantha claims to care so much about.

Bad News/Good News

The bad news is Sarah will have to once again spend money (when money is tight) to answer a ridiculous, inappropriate, and wildly premature motion.  

Money is a very real issue, especially since (now-unemployed) Samantha and the Hooker-with-a-Heart-of-Turds took some actions recently that had a tremendous negative financial impact on Sarah and her kids.  

But here we go again, back to court, and the fees keep piling up like crumpled Cheetos bags, country club rejection letters, worn-out Spanx, and empty Grey Goose bottles at their office. 

Perhaps in a silver-lining moment the Hookster/Huckster will take some of that money and invest in a personal stylist, not to mention a trial coach to teach her how NOT to appear unprofessional and hysterical in court.  More on that in a later blog.

The good news is not only will I have enough material to keep blogging about this case for years, but it could possibly be transformed into something much bigger.

I can’t talk about that yet, so be patient.

My Call to Action for the Day:

Finally, I urge all of you to please read/re-read my post about helping veterans. You can find that here:

Let’s Do Some Good!

I am in a very fortunate position to be creating with the American College of Trial Lawyers President a project designed to have maximum positive impact for our veterans who need assistance.

To that end, I need your help.  

Please email me your ideas on possible program initiatives to robin@robindescamp.com or post in the comments.  If you have connections with veterans groups, please share that link far and wide so we can hear from these men and women themselves.

People talk, talk, talk about helping others and then do nothing.  They post stupid videos or status updates on social media claiming to be supportive of those in need and think they are doing their part.  

Don’t be one of those people.

I’m not asking for money, but rather your thoughts and your time.  Post the link, suggest your connections provide feedback, and call your friends who have served and ask:

What do you think? What do you need? How can they help?

Thank you to the several people who emailed me when I last made this request. I appreciate your ideas and have stolen and presented them as my own.

And now I must go, as I have to travel to the Oregon State Bar.  Today I am picking up some very exciting documents you will see posted later as part of the “Anatomy of a Disaster” series.  

Happy Thursday!


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  1. TWW

    You tease! I clicked and thought I’d get new content but you tricked me. This is really a great series and I look forward to the rest of it and more like it in the future.

    What was the new filing about? How are mom and kids doing? What’s new with Samantha? Why is she unemployed? So many questions!

    1. Robin DesCamp

      Thanks for your comment. Because I am writing these in chronological order, I won’t get to the new filing until what is currently the end but will of course not be the end at all, given Samantha’s position on vexatious litigation as a resolution to the problem of her kids not wanting to spend time with her.

      Mom and kids are doing well as far as I know, but I have limited communication with Mom right now. Despite accusations from Samantha every single time I post that Mom is providing me information and cooperating with the blog, she is not. To avoid the appearance that she is, we really don’t communicate except through Facebook and when she is letting me know about the repeated accusations from her ex as they pertain to me.

      For example, her ex has stated many times that I tried to contact her in May to tell her about Hook’s Diversion Agreement. I believe she stated this under oath as well. She has repeatedly accused her ex-wife of trying to get us together in May of 2015. That’s interesting, especially since the bar didn’t make Hook enter the Diversion Agreement (after a four year investigation, mind you) until late August of 2015. It’s also interesting because I didn’t meet Sarah until October of 2015.

      Delusional behavior is when the truth is right in front of you but you refuse to accept it. That includes insisting things happened that never happened, and being so bold as to continually assert you have the “emails to prove” the impossible.

      Here’s a question for the readers that is a little bit of a hint of things to come but I’d really appreciate your input:

      If you have two teenagers (one of whom is nearly 18) who refuse to see their parent because they are angry about that parent’s conduct, past parenting history, and new gender, should Mom be penalized by the courts? If mom is trying to make things better but the kids aren’t ready, should those kids be physically forced to see Samantha? Because that is really what Samantha is asking for, given the confines of reality (a place she doesn’t visit often enough).

      I do not abide parental alienation for a moment but this is a case in which the children are simply refusing to budge right now. They need time and therapy to accept that Sam is gone and they now essentially have two moms. Sarah is doing her best but her best is neither good enough nor fast enough for Samantha, who expects everything to be perfect now despite the facts as they stand.

      What do you think? Should teenagers, one of whom is almost an adult, be forced into parenting time? Should their mother be dragged into court to defend herself when the kids don’t want to see the other parent and subsequently subjected to large legal fees?

      PS: Why would someone who claims not to read this blog keep complaining about it? Oh yeah, I forgot: delusion.

      1. Old Enough To Decide!

        The judge is ordering the kids to spend time with Samantha and they don’t want to? Can the court do that to kids that are this old? What do they think the time together would be like? Pissed off kids ignoring their dad dressed like their mom? What good will that do? Who does that help?

        It isn’t like they are babies. The older one is old enough to drive and possibly vote, but not old enough to decide how they feel and what they want to do? The mom has to keep paying a lawyer to tell the court that kids don’t want to see their dad? Can they get a lawyer for the kids to speak on their behalf?

        This is just so sad. I feel sorry for the kids. How much money has been wasted on trying to force them to do something only their dad wants? The dad should have to pay all the lawyers’ bills!

  2. Stan

    Apparently it’s easier for Samantha to blame Sarah than to admit that the kids don’t want or need “her.” Just another example of Samantha and reality not existing on the same planet. (“Whoa! What’s that dangling between my legs??!”)

  3. Trudi

    I’m continually surprised at how much I still learn each and every day. Today I learned that the depth of my hatred of Samantha, and selfish people like her, just dug a little deeper today than yesterday. “I hate you more today than yesterday. But not as much as tomorrow.”

  4. "Carrie Smith"

    The kids asked for a lawyer to tell the judge what they wanted, because they they wanted it to be clear that it was coming from them, not their mom. I sat in a meeting with the kids and their lawyer, when they both said that they weren’t close to their father before the transition, that they were angry at him for many reasons (including behavior around the transition, but not that alone), and that they did not want to be forced to see her now. It could not have been clearer.

    I then sat in the courtroom and heard their lawyer tell the judge what he thought would be best for the kids, as though he was an omniscient therapist rather than THEIR representative. HE thought they SHOULD see their father, so that is what he told the judge.

    Thousands of dollars spent for the kids to get sold down the river. I am so sad for them.

    1. Robin DesCamp

      That lawyer has a lot to answer for. He really did a number on those kids. Between him and the “fee expert” hired by Samantha, I am going to have a field day.

  5. Former Slave and Captive

    Has Samantha demanded an answer from her attorneys about the allegations from a former employee that she was cruelly mocked when she wasn’t around and that they printed a bunch of photos of her as a joke? I assume not. The irony of course is that Samantha on her worst day looks far more like a woman than Jody ever could, even if a team worked on her for hours.

    1. Robin DesCamp

      I have no idea whether she has asked her attorneys about that but the fact is if it happened they aren’t going to admit it. Not in a million years.

      My OPINION is that their market share is in a free-fall – a decline of such rapidity that it threatens to close down the shop. Because of that, they are doing all they can to capture the LBGTQ market, especially since the SCOTUS decision on gay marriage. However, and again, this is my OPINION, I believe they are the opposite of tolerant and supportive of LBGTQ issues.

      My OPINION is based upon dozens of interviews with people who have heard extremely bigoted remarks at this firm. How they got a reputation as LBGTQ-friendly is beyond me, but it just goes to show that cults are capable of convincing gullible people of anything.

      Here’s an example of how LBGTQ-friendly they are. I know someone who is bisexual. He worked for a VERY conservative company – extreme right religious owner. The founder of this firm called him up and threatened to “out” him to his boss if he didn’t capitulate to her demands. Brilliant, right? Get your client’s husband fired in the middle of a divorce so your client can now be on the hook for alimony! For this stunt, she was immediately fired.

      When I later told this story to a very out, proud, and LBGTQ rights activist who drinks the koolaide poured by our unrelenting bigoted bully, he straight out said he doesn’t care if the story is true. What does that tell you?

      And people wonder why I continue to write about this place..

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  9. Anonymous

    What an incredibly selfish person Samantha is.
    This story seems to be more about that single issue than anything else.
    Not gender, or transitioning, but about someone who is clearly not a grownup and so eager to blame anyone or any thing else for the difficulties in his/her life.
    As a member of the LGBT team, I can appreciate the struggles of course, but not fulfilling your role as a parent, and lying to your kids is the worst of all evils.
    They will never forget the dishonesty, selfishness, and all around pain associated with their parent choosing to spend a lot of his/her time away from them.
    My heart goes out to Sarah of course, but because of Samantha’s lies and disappointments, and by not choosing to put his kids first, is a curse the whole family will have to endure, most likely for the rest of their lives.
    Excellent writing. I appreciate your clarity Robin.

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