Should I Pay for my Son’s Atheist Wedding?


Happy Monday and welcome to the beginning of the end of the holiday season.  Are your presents wrapped?  Your candles lit? The legs of your goats tied and trembling?*

Today’s blog is located at here: Should I Pay for my Son’s Atheist Wedding?  (Dan: this is fresh-squeezed and comes with a money-back guarantee!)

Once again I plead with you to read the column from your desktop or laptop so you can leave a comment on the golocalpdx site.  This is especially important to me this week for various reasons I won’t bore you with, but I’ll happily engage your holiday guilt buttons and ask you to make me this small gift to me.

Commenters, whether you agree with my advice or not, will be rewarded with a glass of wine poured by your favorite celebrity advice columnist!  And if Carolyn Hax can’t make it, I’ll pour the wine instead.

I close herewith by presenting to you photographic evidence that I am not the Grinch people think me to be.  Look! We made a Christmas tree!


Better late than never, I always say, except when I was younger and didn’t want that fuzzy Saturday night from three weeks ago to have lifelong repercussions…


*I heard for the first time the most charming expression and I had to use it here.  Perhaps you too have enjoyed this one.

“That’s not my goat to fuck; I’m just here to hold the legs.”

Look for it in a more logically contextual setting in a future blog.