Parents of My Son’s Friends Refuse to Communicate with Me!

Dear Robin:

Since my amicable divorce several years ago, I’ve noticed a very annoying habit of a few parents of my son’s friends. They refuse to include me on emails and other communications about my son.

Most of the parents I know will include both me and my ex-wife on invitations and other messages having to do with parties, get togethers, sleep-overs, games, etc.  Two women in particular will not.  I find out about events through my ex and it makes both of our lives more complicated than they have to be.

How about an “AskDesCamp” script for me?  I almost missed a birthday party last month because of this crap and I’d like to address it specifically.

Annoyed in Arizona

Dear Readers:

Stay tuned for my answer tomorrow.  In the meantime, please email me at if you have experienced this phenomenon.  I know I have, and it drives both me and the Canary in a Coal Mine nuts, because it’s so petty and inconvenient.

Today I ask: can you help me?

I have a request for those of you in Portland or willing to travel here.  Without divulging too much, I can tell you I need volunteers to be interviewed in a television studio on-camera.

If you are going through a divorce, about to, or already divorced but still struggling with post-divorce issues, please consider giving me a few hours of your time. You can do this solo or with your partner or former partner.

If you both agree to participate you may just end up having your divorce mediated for free.  This can save you tens of thousands of dollars (if not more) and you get to meet ME in person!  


I will autograph your left nipple and you can tell everyone you knew me “back in the day,” before I was an international sensation.

We are scheduling studio time now so please email me at as soon as possible.  The footage will not be aired, but if you are willing to be on television that will be another discussion for a later date.


You should be!  Shit is getting real, real fast, and I am so excited I can barely stand it.  

Please share this on your social media or with friends who need help.  

I haven’t thanked my supporters in a long time – I’ve been so busy finishing the book and the TOP SECRET project that I’ve forgotten to give credit where credit is due.  

Thank you to all the readers, friends and family who have believed in me as I chase what once felt like an impossible dream but today is becoming a very real reality.  We are doing this, together.  We will change the way couples divorce together and forever.  

50 years from now people will look back at our current system and think about it like we do bloodletting for health reasons.  

Gotta run, so come visit tomorrow when I give Annoyed in Arizona my script for his situation.