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Ladies and Gentlemen!  Welcome to Friday Feedback, our weekly opportunity to bask in well-deserved praise while at the same time considering criticism and promptly ignoring, dismissing or react immaturely to it.

First, I’d like to give you all an update and make a couple requests.  I have taken some very important meetings in the past week and I am thrilled to report that while my train of radio domination has yet to pull into the station, it is definitely chug chug chugging along.


I have been told by those in the know that I need to hone my brand.  Believe it or not, that’s harder than you think.  I am creating a one-page synopsis of who I am, why I am doing what I am doing (besides just to piss people off) to better define and summarize this thing of mine.

Post-modern feminist warrior?  The velvet hammer of truth?  Mouthy wise bitch who gets to the heart of things faster than Albert Starr?  All of the above?  We aren’t talking just a trademark here, but a BRAND.

Please email me at or reply in the comments if you have ideas for my brand, and be nice!  Or not…


And, as always, I implore that you send me more questions to!  My goal is to get about 100 in the tank, so please take a moment to consider how fucked up you are and then write me so I can fix you.

And now, our feedback!

Dear Robin:

I wrote to you some time ago about my daughter’s wedding from hell. I wanted to let you know I took your advice to heart and put the kibosh on the excessive spending. I have also taken a good hard look at my marriage and the fact that I have enabled everyone in my family to be helpless, spoiled and demanding.

I’m not sure I will leave my wife right after the wedding, as I intend to try counseling first if she will agree to it. I’ve brought up the subject and she hasn’t exactly refused, although she claims everything is great in our marriage and we don’t need a therapist. I plan to schedule an appointment next week and see if this marriage can be saved.

Thank you for talking tough to me. I know a lot of what you said was intended to be funny and I’m not sure exactly how serious you were, but your words resonated with me and forced me to see how my own behavior has trapped me in these unsatisfying relationships in which I feel used.

I wish you much success in your advice endeavor and I hope very much to hear you on the radio soon!


Dear Mike:

The blog I wrote in response to your wedding from hell question (Wedding From Hell) is one of my most widely read and shared of all time. I think it resonated with many of my readers and I am so happy I could write something that was meaningful and helpful to you.


While my hope is that your wife will authentically participate in counseling, don’t get your hopes up. She doesn’t sound like she is the most introspective person, and she may just be agreeing to the therapist to stave off divorce. After all, what decent gold digger wants her mine to give her the shaft?

Go to counseling, speak your truth and see if your marriage can be saved. If not, get on out there and have some fun. You deserve it – like, a lot. Things have changed since you were last on the dating scene and I think you’ll be pleasantly surprised…


As for the radio, stay tuned, as it were…things are brewing and I just got an additional half-hour on 94.3 KNEWS radio on March 26th in Palm Springs.  I’ll post a link to that in the next few days.  This gig is very important because I will be using it to secure other spots and grow my brand, once I figure out what the hell my brand is.


I’ve noticed that you seem to encourage people to get divorced. Do you ever think about all the misery and pain you are causing the children in these relationships by suggesting their parents get divorced? You have written about how hard divorce was on you when you were a kid so don’t you see yourself as a hypocrite?


Dear Disappointed:

If someone gets divorced based solely upon my blog, they are almost as foolish as you. Nevertheless, I calls ’em as I sees ’em, sweetheart. You see that feedback letter above yours? That guy NEEDS to get divorced. He DESERVES to get divorced.


Just because you make some promises in front of a guy in a dress so you can get free flatware doesn’t mean you have to keep them when things fall apart.  And as for the kids?  The higher conflict the divorce, the greater the chance the children will suffer from the break-up.

I’ve said this too many times to count, but when one or both parents decide it’s time to go to war over the dissolution, especially via vexatious litigation and hiring nasty lawyers who instigate, foster and encourage dispute to pad their billable hours, that causes far more damage to the kids than the actual rearrangement of the family.



This is especially true since those types of people are more likely to continue the bad behavior post-divorce for years, ensuring that their children can never feel at ease around both their parents.

As for hypocrisy?  I thrive upon it.  Hypocrisy is the glue that holds our delicate fabric of society together – I mean really, don’t get me started!

Without hypocrisy it would be impossible to judge others harshly and tell them how to behave while one leads a less-than-noble life, putting me out of a job and you with one less blog to hate-read (almost) every day.



OK folks, send me your questions and suggestions for my “branding” to or simply in the comments.  Winning branding ideas will entitle the author to one branding iron with their initials.  Seriously!

Have a wonderful weekend everyone.  As usual, thank you all so much for your support.  Every day I reflect upon how remarkable this journey has been and I am grateful to each of you.


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  1. Tamsen

    OK. Brand….I liked the mouthy bitch who cuts to the chase with funny, yet well thought out and insightful advice. Irreverent, funny,insightful, occasionally sensitive.

    As for people who think somehow that getting a divorce is the worst thing you could do to a kid…..are they out of their f’cking minds? It’s the best thing you can do for your kid, to get out of an unhappy, unhealthy relationship, with the hope of finding a happier future. I’ve always been a believer in honesty, with everyone, including my kid, and faking a relationship isn’t exactly fitting with that scenario. I also agree with you though that the problem isn’t the divorce….it’s the way you deal with the divorce (and the JS’s of the world are a big problem). People act after a divorce the way they did before really….and if before they were in a nasty fighting relationship, that isn’t really going to change afterwards.

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