Sick of Customers on the Phone!

Dear Robin:

I am a checker at a grocery store in Portland that abuts two expensive neighborhoods. I don’t know if that explains the phenomenon I am writing you about but it seems like pertinent information. For the most part I really enjoy my job and interacting with customers (including you!) but this issue is driving me crazy:

WTF is wrong with people who insist upon either talking on or in other ways using their phone when they are paying for groceries? Not only does it slow down the entire transaction because they are completely distracted, but it is insulting to me personally. I feel ignored and invisible while I am simultaneously charged with giving them a good customer service experience.

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Friday Feedback: I’m Popular as Ever!

Dear Readers: Welcome to Friday Feedback, your opportunity to marinate along with me in the stew of praise and hate that will eventually culminate in a rich and meaty critique ragu. Can you tell I'm cooking today? The most meaningful…

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