Toxic Friends, Life Jackets, and Champagne

Dear Readers:

I have received countless letters on unequal and toxic relationships whether romantic partners, business associates, friends, or family.  

I wrote this for another publication but it was rejected for “sounding young,” amongst other issues.  What do you think?  Is it only the young (or the old and immature) who experience toxic relationships?  Please comment and share!

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Walking on Eggshells – Yikes!

Dear Robin:

I found you on Venus’ blog and I love your attitude, you are so sassy!  

Can you help me?  I have lived in the same city since I was a child and a few months ago an old friend (Marie) moved back into town after 20 years away.  We hung out in high school but drifted apart after that but were friends on Facebook so kept in touch over the years.

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