Toxic Friends, Life Jackets, and Champagne

Dear Readers:

I have received countless letters on unequal and toxic relationships whether romantic partners, business associates, friends, or family.  

I wrote this for another publication but it was rejected for “sounding young,” amongst other issues.  What do you think?  Is it only the young (or the old and immature) who experience toxic relationships?  Please comment and share!

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My Wife Lost Weight and Now She Dresses Too Sexy!


Dear Readers:

Today on, I answer a letter from a man who’s thrilled with his wife’s major weight loss but not so thrilled with her suddenly-slutty way of dressing herself. How can he guide her to better choices without hurting her feelings?  Read here:

My Wife Lost Weight Now She’s Dressing Too Sexy!

I spent a lot of time Saturday and Sunday working on an entirely different question, only to have the letter-writer chicken out at the last minute when I gave him my analysis and advice in advance of publication (my bad – not going to do that again).

My recommendations were so spot-on that he raised the issue with his wife on Saturday night and on Sunday morning, right after I finished my final edits, he asked me not to publish the piece in case she see it and recognize herself and therefore cut off his balls or worse yet, sulk.

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