Donald Trump, Planned Parenthood, and Politics in General

(Don’t let the word count scare you. This is a fun one so grab some coffee and settle in!)

Dear Robin:

I’m finding this election season unbearable already and we don’t vote for over a year.  I’ve found myself raging against people on social media over two specific issues: Donald Trump and Planned Parenthood.

I have been shocked that some people I know support Trump and are rabidly anti-Planned Parenthood.  Their ignorance has made me question communicating with them at all.  

But that’s not my question, my question is how to handle “fights” on social media over delicate political matters?


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Internet Trolls

Dear Readers:

Yesterday I was drawn into one of the most bizarre online events I’ve been involved with since I discovered the joys and the horrors of the Internet.  

I will not be writing about that today, however, because the experience is perfect for my next book, I Tried to Find Myself but Couldn’t (But It’s Not My Fault!).

More on that book soon, when Divorce by Design: How to Split Without Losing Your Mind, Your Money and Your Kids is finished.

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