Parents Acting Like Children At Christmas

Parents Acting Like Children at Christmas

Dear Robin,

My parents divorced 3 years ago and both are once again driving me crazy regarding the holidays.  

I am married with one child and my husband and I are hosting Christmas dinner this year which is great, except both my parents have told me they want to come but only if I can promise not to invite the other.

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Fighting Over the Family Jewels

Dear Robin:

My mother died 2 years ago after a year-long battle with cancer. My father remarried (Marie) last month but that’s not my issue.

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Our Kids Aren’t Friends Anymore and Now Her Mom’s Acting Weird

Dear Robin:

I live in a close-knit neighborhood in a small town.  My daughter “Claire” was very close to “Alice” since 1st grade but now they are in 6th grade and really don’t hang out anymore.  I’ve asked my daughter a few times if something happened between them and she assured me it had not so I’m not worried about it.  

My problem is Alice’s mom “Amy,” who I used to be very friendly with but now she gives me the cold shoulder at every school event and when I run into her around the neighborhood and our town.  We weren’t friends who did things together but we always had a great time chatting and now she barely speaks to me.

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