Author’s Note

Author’s Note

Dear Readers:

Today I pack up my computer and leave for an undisclosed location to make the final edits on my book:

Divorce by Design: How to Split Without Losing Your Mind, Your Money, or Your Kids.

My final deadline is early next week and I have an enormous amount of work in front of me. The blog will be sparse as a result until I have delivered the final pages to the powers that be.

Today I am going to share with you my Author’s Note: my explanation of why I wrote this book.  I would be deeply grateful if you read this. If it resonates with you, please share and leave a comment.

Have a beautiful week.

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Is Divorce Worth the Cost?

Dear Robin:

I found your blog after hearing you on the air in Palm Springs. I notice you have a passion for alimony reform and assume you pay alimony. I retired almost a year ago and my wife and I split our time between the Northwest and the desert.

I am miserable in my marriage. I will spare you the details but I haven’t been happy for a long time. I don’t think she is happy either but I also don’t think she cares.

She spends most of her time with her friends shopping and playing tennis and going on walks.  She barely even speaks to me and won’t go to counseling but then again, I don’t think it’s worth the time.

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