Is Everyone Having Sex with Their Boss?

Dear Readers:

It’s hard to believe but I received yet another email from an advice-seeker who is sleeping with the boss.  Not surprisingly, it’s a woman.


Of all the letters I’ve received on this subject, and there have been dozens, I have yet to hear from a man who is sleeping with his boss.  

If any of you men out there are giving your superior a little taste of your bologna pony at lunch or otherwise, please email me.  Please.

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Should I Call Off My Engagement? (Reader’s Digest Version)


As promised, here is the short version.

Dear Robin:

I’m a 28-year-old college student recently engaged (wedding next summer) to my partner “Jim” of 5 years whom I love fiercely and until a week ago could see myself perfectly content with for the rest of my life.

Upon announcing our engagement, my ex boyfriend and the love of my life (“Scott”) called to congratulate me but then announced he still cares deeply for me. We were together for years, but split because of significant mental health issues (me bipolar, him depression). Now, 7 years later, we are both healthy.

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Should I Change Jobs?

Dear Robin:

I have been looking to make a move from my company where I’ve been for three years because even though I like my job and co-workers, there isn’t much opportunity for growth. I have interviewed twice for a fairly high-level position at another organization and they are bringing me back in on Friday and I think they are going to offer me the job. It’s MUCH more money, more responsibility and a much larger company.

So why am I writing you? This company has a bad reputation. The turnover rate is high and they are known in the business for being a tough place to work, to put it lightly. Their product is also low-performing and somewhat mocked in the industry. The man who would be my boss seems cool but the overall reputation of the company is pretty bad.

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I Made a Big Mistake (Part Deux)

Dear Readers: It took me a while but I am finally delivering the second half of my bifurcated advice to our friend "Sleepless in Seattle," who wrote to me filled with dread over some vicious texts messages she sent anonymously to…

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