Empty Threats Or Something More?

Empty Threats or Something More?

Dear Readers:

I recently received a follow-up email from someone who wrote to me in July.  Here is what it said:

“Well, it happened again.  Last night he told me I don’t make him happy but he couldn’t give me any specifics on what I can do to make him happy.  He apologized very nicely this morning and explained he’s under a lot of stress but so am I.  Does this change your earlier advice?”

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My Neighbor Thinks She's Better than Me

Dear Robin:

My neighborhood is pretty close-knit so when a new family moved in up the street last year I made an effort to get to know them as I do with all new neighbors.

They moved here from Pennsylvania so they don’t know anyone. So, I spent a lot of time especially with the wife Wendy introducing her to people, having dinners, going shopping, etc. After a “final straw” I don’t know what to do.

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Stepdaughter Tweeting Twouble.

Dear Robin,

My stepdaughter Tracy needs guidance. She is a lovely girl, a senior in college, and a bit of a late bloomer emotionally at 23.

For her senior year she has chosen to room with two members of the football team, both about twenty years old, and one of them connected through family friends growing up. The young men are both VERY serious about their education and their studies.

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