Walter J. Palmer: Father, Dentist, Poacher, Sadist, Bastard.

Dear Readers:

We interrupt this advice blog for breaking news.  Regular advice will return tomorrow with a story about shallow people who don’t care about the feelings of others.

By now, unless you are living under a rock, you have likely heard the story of Cecil the lion, killed by American dentist Walter J. Palmer (of the Eden Prairie, Minnesota Palmers).

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Fighting Over the Family Jewels

Dear Robin:

My mother died 2 years ago after a year-long battle with cancer. My father remarried (Marie) last month but that’s not my issue.

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Burning Bridges and Building Boobies

Dear Readers:

I’ve had a fire lit under me by people up the blog food chain and Chapter 3 (now written) must be edited and finalized by the end of the day.  

Chapter 3 is titled “You’ve Hired Your Attorney, Now Do Your Job: Managing your Attorney Fees.”  In it I’ll show you how the dirty divorce sausage is made and how to avoid becoming grist for the mill.

Do not stop reading!  Please continue below!

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