Robin: I’ve Tried it Your Way!

Dear Robin:

I am a divorced mom with twins off to college in the fall.

My divorce was awful and I have tried for years to have a better relationship with my ex-husband. I have actually sent him things you have written about blended and reorganized families and how much healthier it is for everyone to get along.

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I Want My Ex to Admit She Cheated!

Dear Robin:

I was divorced several months ago and although I was stunned when my wife left me, I made the best of things and made certain we had a drama-free divorce and maintained a good relationship so we could successfully co-parent our two young children, both of whom are happy and thriving now.

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My Wife Lost Weight and Now She Dresses Too Sexy!


Dear Readers:

Today on, I answer a letter from a man who’s thrilled with his wife’s major weight loss but not so thrilled with her suddenly-slutty way of dressing herself. How can he guide her to better choices without hurting her feelings?  Read here:

My Wife Lost Weight Now She’s Dressing Too Sexy!

I spent a lot of time Saturday and Sunday working on an entirely different question, only to have the letter-writer chicken out at the last minute when I gave him my analysis and advice in advance of publication (my bad – not going to do that again).

My recommendations were so spot-on that he raised the issue with his wife on Saturday night and on Sunday morning, right after I finished my final edits, he asked me not to publish the piece in case she see it and recognize herself and therefore cut off his balls or worse yet, sulk.

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