Amputee Bill and the Gold-Digging Grifter

Dear Robin:

My husband’s brother Bill (62) got engaged two years ago. At first we were thrilled because he seemed so happy.

Then we learned within 2 months of being engaged his fiancé Vicky accepted over $60,000 worth of jewelry but kept making excuses why they couldn’t set a date.

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Fiance’s Ultimatum

Dear Robin,

I am writing to ask if I should voice my opinion to my 28-year-old niece Heidi.  Her fiancé Dennis is adamant that she take his name when they get married because “that’s how it should be.”

Heidi is very conflicted about this because she flat-out does not want to “feel erased” or lose her identity. She was up front with her wishes but he thought she was kidding!  His position is this is non-negotiable: she agrees to change her name or the wedding is  off.  

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Friday Feedback: I Rule the School!

Welcome to Friday Feedback, our nearly-weekly changing of the blog's diaper and wiping and powdering of its ass. This week's FF is scant as I haven't been writing the usual amount due to radio time, travel, and working on the massive and highly-professional…

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