Amputee Bill and the Gold-Digging Grifter

Dear Robin:

My husband’s brother Bill (62) got engaged two years ago. At first we were thrilled because he seemed so happy.

Then we learned within 2 months of being engaged his fiancé Vicky accepted over $60,000 worth of jewelry but kept making excuses why they couldn’t set a date.

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Is Everyone Having Sex with Their Boss?

Dear Readers:

It’s hard to believe but I received yet another email from an advice-seeker who is sleeping with the boss.  Not surprisingly, it’s a woman.


Of all the letters I’ve received on this subject, and there have been dozens, I have yet to hear from a man who is sleeping with his boss.  

If any of you men out there are giving your superior a little taste of your bologna pony at lunch or otherwise, please email me.  Please.

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Sister Worried About a Gold Digger


Many of you have been slacking on reading the blog.  I know this to be true and I worry about you, because you are missing out on some good stuff.  

Please click, read, comment and share and you will find yourself in my good graces – an important place to be very, very, soon.  

Dear Robin:

My twin brother and I have always been very close. He is my only family. I am worried about his recent engagement and not sure how to discuss it with him.

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