Anatomy Of A Disaster Is Going On Hiatus

Anatomy of a Disaster is Going on Hiatus

Dear Readers:

I am deeply appreciative of your support of the Anatomy of a Disaster Series.

Not only is this the most popular and widely-commented upon work I’ve done so far, it has convinced me that this particular style of writing is something I should do more of: the narrative true story with a personal touch and a healthy dose of laughter too.

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Anatomy Of A Disaster Part 1, Scene 2: Let’s Get Something Straight, Bub.

Anatomy of a Disaster Part 1, Scene 2: Let’s Get Something Straight, Bub.

UPDATE (March 17):

You will see when you read the comments below I believed Samantha was behind some of them.  She insists she is not, and has filed a bar complaint against me that includes my assumption.  I would like to state unequivocally I do not know the identity of the commenter and I may very well have been mistaken when I assumed it was Samantha.  My apologies if I was wrong.

Dear Readers:

Before I continue with this story, I’d like to get something on the record.

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Anatomy Of A Disaster Part 1: Not Your Average Divorce (Scene 1)

Anatomy of a Disaster Part 1: Not Your Average Divorce (Scene 1)

Welcome to my first blog series,

Anatomy of a Disaster.”

This series will examine the horrors of the Divorce Industrial Complex as illustrated through one “perfect storm” case. I will be posting new series segments intermittently while continuing my advice blog and random musings.

Of course, we can’t talk about the Morris divorce until we talk about the Morris marriage.

These first blogs will serve as the emotional story background for later works that will delve into the mechanics of one of the worst divorces I’ve studied – and considering how many I’ve looked into that is really saying something.

Sarah’s Story

Sarah Morris sits on my living room couch, tucks her feet under her, and sighs as I pour her a drink.

She’s earned this drink, so I give her a country club pour.

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“Anatomy Of A Disaster” Cast Of Characters

“Anatomy of a Disaster” Cast of Characters

Dear Readers:

Tomorrow begins the first installment of “Anatomy of a Disaster.”  

This series will explore a divorce from beginning to end and beyond (because some divorces never end if shitty lawyers are doing their jobs right!) and the players: some of whom made it as ugly, contentious, and expensive as possible.

Today I will introduce the characters.  Please keep this list handy.

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